A level results day - 15 August

16 July 2013

Countdown to summer 2013 results day

As you prepare to put pens down for the summer holidays, you might like to bookmark this update to support you on results day.

A level results day – 15 August

Schools and colleges that are expecting results for A level Applied ICT on 15 August may find the following information useful.

Part 1 – Understanding your Results

Examined units: 6953/6957/6959

On results day you can access the examiner reports for the above units on the GCE Applied ICT qualification pages.  Simply choose 'Examiner Reports' from the document list and refine your search to show 'June 2013'.

Coursework units

If you have submitted coursework in the summer 2013 series, your moderator will have written a report which provides you with general feedback on your marking and administration. This update on Downloading your Moderators Report will guide you through the process of downloading the report, step by step.

Grade boundaries

On results day, you can download the grade boundaries for all GCE Applied ICT units. Grade boundaries indicate the minimum marks needed to achieve a certain grade and can be downloaded from the A level grade boundaries page.

UMS guidance

UMS stands for Uniform Mark Scale. The UMS is used to convert candidates' component 'raw' marks into uniform marks. This is done in order to standardise marks from year to year. You can follow these links to find more guidance on UMS and the awarding process and download our UMS Calculator to help you convert your marks.

Part 2 - Enquiring about Results

If you are concerned about a learner’s results, we offer a range of services to support you. Enquiries About Results (EARs) are made via Edexcel Online and you should consult your exams officer for advice on this process. The range of EAR services available are listed below along with deadlines for last applications.

Service Description Deadline Cost
Priority EAR2P

Is a university place at risk?

A review of  marking by a senior examiner where a learner has a university place pending the outcome of the remark. EAR2P will be completed in within 18 days.

24 August £41.20
EAR1 EAR Service 1 is a clerical check to ensure that all parts of the script have been marked and the total mark is correct. 20 Sept £10.30
EAR2 EAR Service 2 is a clerical check and a review of marking by a Senior Examiner. 20 Sept £36.00
EAR3 EAR Service 3 is a review of the original centre coursework sample by a Senior Moderator. 20 Sept £154.50 minimum

You can read more about all the results services we offer on the EAR pages of our website.

Gareth Byrne
ICT Subject Advisor

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