Summer 2018 entry guidance for GCSE and A level History

16 January 2018

This update contains important information about making entries for the Summer 2018 examination series.

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Entry deadline

It is now possible to make entries for the Summer 2018 exam series. The deadline for making entries for the Summer 2018 examination series is 21 February 2018 for AS, A level and GCSE for UK centres.

After these dates late entry fees may be charged. Please note that your exams officer will have their own internal deadlines in order to get the information necessary to make entries.

The entry deadline for international centres is 21 March 2018. 

New entry codes for GCSE History 9-1 in Summer 2018

Please remember that there are new entry codes for the GCSE History 9-1 specification which is first assessed in summer 2018. It is very important that you ensure your exams officer is provided with the correct entry code to ensure your students receive the correct combination of question papers.

Because the new GCSE specification is linear, you no longer enter by paper or topic – entries are made at qualification level. The entry code is the specification code 1HI0 followed by a 2 digit code which is determined by the options you are offering.

The first digit of the entry code is determined by the combination of Paper 1 and Paper 3, whilst the second is determined by the choice of Paper 2 topics.

For example to combine:

  • Medicine in Britain, c1250-present plus Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39 = first entry code digit – F
  • Superpower relations and the Cold War 1941-91 and Early Elizabethan England 1558-88 = Second entry code digit – 7.

The entry code would be F7.

These codes are available in the GCSE section of the information manual  and in the Specification pages 58-59. 

View the 2017-18 Information Manual

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Carrying forward coursework marks in A level History

From Summer 2018 it will be possible to carry forward prior non-exam assessment (NEA or coursework) results for candidates who are resitting some A level History.

Students who wish to re-take the A level have two options: 

Option 1: Re-take all examined papers and coursework.

Students can do the same coursework topic but they must do a different question and cannot re-work an original assignment. They could also do a different coursework topic if they wish.

The entry codes are the normal codes detailed in the specification. For example:

  • 9HI0 G5 for Route G with British Experience of Warfare including a new coursework submission
  • 9HI0 B8 for Route B with Making of Modern Russia including a new coursework submission 

Option 2: Re-take all examined papers only (papers 1, 2 and 3) and transfer coursework mark across.

Students who are re-taking the linear A level can transfer their coursework mark across from the previous series. This means they only need to re-take the examined papers 1, 2 and 3.
There are special entry codes available for these students. These are new and are detailed in the information manual - see page 77 of the information manual:

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The new entry codes are listed under the column 'Transfer Candidates'. Examples are as follows:

  • A student who wishes to re-take A level Route G with British Experience of Warfare and transfer their coursework across would need to be entered for 9HI0 V5.
  • A student who wishes to re-take A level Route B with Making of Modern Russia and transfer their coursework across would need to be entered for 9HI0 Q8.

If you have any queries or need me to check your specific entry codes are correct please feel free to email me at

Mark Battye, History subject advisor
Mark BattyeHistory
UK: 0333 016 4084
Intl: +44 (0)333 016 4084
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