LCCI Finance and Accounting - July 2019 update

4 July 2019

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Farewell from your subject advisor

It is with great regret that I inform you that this is my last newsletter / email update.  In the future, you will be able to direct any issues through our portal communication system (details below).

Celebratory dinner

One of the last tasks that I got to perform as Subject Advisor was to attend a celebratory dinner in Nicosia with Akis Pegasiou, owner of the Pegasiou Private Institute.  The dinner, held two weeks ago, was to celebrate his student Ioannis Hadjiyiannis achieving a Gold Medallion for L3 Certificate in Accounting.  What was a real joy for me was meeting Ioannis's proud family including his sister who is also a past successful student of the Pegasiou Private Institute.

Thank you

I have loved working with LCCI centres and the Regional Teams over the last few years.  I think that it is a wonderful qualification which is appropriately challenging and creates so many opportunities for employment, promotion and/or further study.  May you and your students continue to be successful and prosper in the years to come.

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Future support from Pearson

Future queries need to be directed through the community portal.  It allows you to contact us in a number of ways.  

The initial screen looks like this:


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You will be asked a series of questions (with drop-down menus) to direct you to the appropriate person/team.  It gives you the opportunity to chat, phone or to create a case (which carries a history trail which will be visible to you).  We have produced an information manual to help you to use the community portal.

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LCCI Quarterly Newsletter

You can now subscribe to the new LCCI quarterly newsletter produced by the LCCI Business Team. 

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