Teaching LCCI Financial and Quantitative update January 2018

Thu Jan 18 15:37:00 UTC 2018

This update provides information about the 2018 exam timetable, admin support, information manual, templates for financial statements, Q and A document and the new LCCI Facebook page.

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LCCI 2018 Examination Timetable

The 2018 LCCI examination timetable can be found on our support pages.

For LCCI exam admin support please refer to our guidance pages.

Qualification News

Examination dates    
March Series L1 Bookkeeping 5th March
  L2 Cost Accounting 6th March

L3 Financial Accounting

L3 Accounting

7th March
  L2 Bookkeeping & Accounting 8th March
  L3 Cost and Management Accounting  9th March
Online exam results will be released as follows:    
November exam series   29th January
December exam series   15th February
January exam series   26th March
Series entry deadlines    
March exam series   22nd January
April exam series   20th February         

Re-developed Business Calculations and Computerised Accounting qualifications

Announcing 3 newly developed qualifications in the LCCI Financial and Quantitative suite:

Question and answer document

A question and answer document was produced after a number of queries were raised during two online training sessions delivered in November.  It clarifies a number of content areas which teachers should find useful.

How to navigate the LCCI Financial and Quantitative webpages.

I know that it is not always easy to find routine information about our suite of qualifications. To address this I have produced a video which explains where the most important information can be found on our website.

Privacy and cookies
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Your views required: publication of pass rates

We have been having discussions about the possibility of being able to publish pass rates for our qualifications. I have been asked to seek your views about what sort of information you would like to be published.


LCCI Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards

The Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards give recognition to the top-performing qualifications learners worldwide, outside the UK. Every year, ceremonies take place in our major qualifications markets around the world, many of which have a long history and are highlights in the local international schools calendar.

The Award Ceremony took place for Asian markets last month in Yangon Myanmar. 

Congratulations to all recipients of the World and Country Gold and Silver awards. Awards for Europe and Africa take place later in the year.

Qualification News

Online exam results will be released as follows:

June Exam Series - 14 August 2017
July Exam Series - 7 September 2017

Textbook Availability Update

Current Pearson LCCI textbooks available for purchase from your regional office: 

  • L1 Bookkeeping 
  • L2 Cost Accounting 
  • L3 Cost and Management Accounting 
  • L2 Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • L4 Organisational Behaviour and Performance

  • L4 Financial Accounting - with the printers (available shortly)
  • L4 Management Accounting - with the printers (available shortly)
  • L3 Accounting - endorsed (as soon as indexing is completed it will be sent to print)

Stay in touch with information from your Accounting subject advisor

Bernadette also has a new Twitter account @PearsonAccFin.  This has been established for teachers to obtain and exchange support, information, suggested resources, etc.

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