GCE A level 2015 Economics A specification accredited

18 September 2014

The GCE (2015) Economics A specification was accredited in August.

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The specification and sample assessment materials are available on the new Economics A qualification page.

You're invited to attend one of our free launch events.

Date  Location  Event code
 22 September 2014  London 14LBAB05/01
 23 September 2014  Birmingham 14LBAB05/02
 24 September 2014  Manchester 14LBAB05/03
 25 September 2014  Newcastle Upon Tyne 14LBAB05/04
 1 October 2014  Bristol 14LBAB02/11
 2 October 2014  Southampton 14LBAB02/12
 6 October 2014  Online 14LOAB05/02
 9 October 2014  London 14LBAB02/13

To book a place, please use the event code on our training page.

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