Get ready for teaching the new BTEC Tech Award in Construction and the Built Environment from September 2022

19 July 2022

This update is to help you navigate the new BTEC Tech Award in Construction and the Built Environment and be ready for teaching from September 2022. 

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About the qualification

The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Construction and the Built Environment is for learners who want to acquire sector-specific applied knowledge and skills through vocational contexts by studying practical skills used in construction, the principles of technology in construction used to create a better environment in the world, and interpreting the landscape, briefs and other aspects that impact on design and creation of construction as part of their Key Stage 4 learning. The qualification is confirmed for 2024 performance tables. 

This qualification covers;

The Tech Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific applied
knowledge and skills through realistic vocational contexts. Learners will have the
opportunity to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

  • construction technology
  • construction in practice
  • construction and design.

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BTEC Tech Award in Construction and the Built Environment is 120 GLH at Level 1/Level 2, similar to a GCSE. 

Component number Component title GLH Level How assessed
1 Construction Technology 48 1/2 External, with a written paper.
2 Construction in Practice 36 1/2 Internally assessed, externally moderated
3 Construction and Design 36 1/2 Internally assessed, externally moderated

Components 2 and 3 are assessed through non-exam internal assessment. These are assessed by Pearson-set Assignments (PSAs). These assignments are set by Pearson, marked by the centre and moderated by Pearson.

For each component (Component 2 and Component 3) new assignments are released twice a year through the secure area of our website. 

PSAs are marked by the centre, using the descriptors in the 4 band marking grid, accessible in the specification document. 

PSA release Moderation window
October December/January moderation
(Submission of centre marks and samples)
February May/June moderation
(Submission of centre marks and samples)

Please check the key dates schedule to confirm dates.

Key points:

  • You must pick and use the correct PSAs. i.e February PSA for May/June moderation.
  • Entries must be made to the for each series. 
  • 15 day resubmission can be given to learners to improve their work, prior to submitting marks and sample for moderation.
  • Learners can be offered one retake in the following assessment series, using a new PSA. 


Component 2: Construction in Practice

There is two specialisms in this component. 

  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Brickwork

You only need to specialise in one area.


Component 3: Construction and Design

This is the synoptic component in the qualification. Component 3 builds directly on Components 1 and 2 and enables learning to be brought together and related to a real-life situation. This component should be assessed after the delivery of Components 1 and 2 and maybe assessed alongside the terminal external assessment Component 1.


Sample Pearson-set Assignments:

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Component 1 - Construction Technology is the externally assessed component in this qualification. This is set and marked by Pearson and taken under supervised conditions. 

The exam paper is 1.5 hours and is timetabled by Pearson on a specific date. 

Terminal assessment rule applies to Component 1 exam, meaning that it must be taken at the end of the qualification, when final award is claimed. (This means the internal component assessments, including any retakes, must be sat either prior to or in the same series as the external component assessment).

There are 2 opportunities for the external assessment each year. January/February series and May/June series (First assessment January/February 2024).

Learners can resit the exam once, considering that the internal components are already taken. The result at the point of certification will count (higher or lower), due to the terminal assessment rule. 

Sample Assessment Material for Component 1:

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The final grade awarded for a qualification represents an aggregation of a learner’s performance across the three components. A higher performance in some components may be balanced by a lower outcome in others.

The UMS is used to convert learners’ component ‘raw’ marks into uniform marks. This is done in order to standardise marks from one series to another. For example, a learner who just achieves a Level 2 Pass in an internal component one series will receive the same uniform mark as a learner achieving that same component grade the following series, regardless of their raw marks.

Please see the specification document page 70 for further information on the component and qualification level UMS/grades.

There is a detailed quality assurance guide and a quick guide to help you deliver and assess the new BTEC Tech Awards. Please spend some time to digest these for a smooth delivery. 

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Here is the key date schedule to help you plan ahead. Please be advised that dates in this document is currently subject to change, pending JCQ confirmation. 

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the BTEC Tech Awards for 2022.

Getting started training event recordings

Here is the recording of the getting started events, which were previously delivered. 


Next training events, starting in October 2022 will cover marking and moderation of the internally assessed components are now scheduled and you can find and register to attend these from the training page. 

Training from Pearson

Please use filters as:

Qualification: BTEC Tech Awards

Subject: Construction and the Built Environment

The publisher respurces for the BTEC Tech Award in Construction and the Built Environment, includes Digital Teacher Packs, hosted on ActiveLearn Digital Service. It includes a wide range of teaching and learning resources, including activity worksheets and PowerPoint slide presentations, to support you in planning and delivering your course. 

You can pre-order and download a sample now

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BTEC Tech Awards for 2022 page

You can access further useful information, including video guidance and new updates from the BTEC Tech Awards for 2022 page.

The video tutorials on this page, include:

  • A guide to applying mark schemes for internal assessments
  • Moderation process
  • Introduction to quality assuranced
  • and more...

Please bookmark this page, alongside your BTEC Tech Award in Construction and the Built Environment qualification page. 

BTEC Tech Awards for 2022


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