BTEC Level 3 CPLD post-results guidance 2014

30 July 2014

Hello all,

Your learners will be receiving their results this August for the BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Children’s Play, Learning and Development. The Unit 1 – Child Development external assessment session was sat on 14 May 2014. This update provides you with support and guidance for your results.

Examiner report

For each exam series the Lead Examiner will write a report. The report on the examination will provide information on the performance of learners which will support teachers in preparing candidates for future exam sessions. The information is intended to be constructive and informative and to promote better understanding of the specification content and of the application of assessment criteria. I would recommend you read the report with the question papers and mark schemes for the related examination. You can view the examiner report for the May 2014 series via the BTEC CPLD web page from Thursday 14 August.

Results day on Edexcel Online (EOL)

Unit 1 - Child Development was a paper-based external assessment. The external test and, where achieved, the overall grade results will be made available to centres on 13 August in parallel with GCE results release.

If you require a certificate for the learner, please ensure you have made a claim through EOL.

On the day results are released you can request, through EOL, two reports showing overall results (Broadsheets and Statement of Provisional Results). These can be found in the ‘BTEC’ section under the menu option 'NQF Results Reports'. The reports take about 5 minutes to generate and are sent to your EOL mailbox.

  • Broadsheet

A spreadsheet for each qualification being run which will show the award status, overall grade, overall points (in line with section 10 of the specification) and unit grades.

  • Statement of Provisional Results

A PDF, one page per learner, showing award status, overall grade, overall points (in line with section 10 of the specification) and unit grades. This can be printed and given to students.

You can also download a report showing results of external tests in the BTEC section of EOL.

Click on the ‘External Assessment’ menu option and click on ‘View Results by Assessment Booking’. You will then be able to download a spreadsheet showing unit results and test scores for each of your learners.

Enquiries about results

Enquiries about results (EAR) and access to scripts (ATS) requests can only be submitted via Edexcel Online. You will need to ensure that you have applied for a post-results service within 10 working days of receiving learner results, as applications submitted after this date will not be accepted.

The following post-results services are available to you:


Post-results service 1 is a clerical check, with an SLA of 20 days after the request has been acknowledged. This service costs £10.30 per test.

This service constitutes a check of all clerical procedures that lead to the issue of a result. This service might be considered when anomalous results have been issued for one learner,
compared with the rest of the cohort.

This service includes a check on the following:

  • all parts of the test have been marked
  • the totalling of marks
  • the recording of marks
  • the application of any adjustments
  • the application of grade thresholds.


Post-results service 2 is a re-mark of a test, with an SLA of 30 days after the request has been acknowledged. This service costs £27.00 per test.

This service will include:

  • the clerical re-check (EAR1)
  • the review of marking of units/components by a senior examiner.


Priority EAR2 service is dedicated to students that have a university place pending the outcome of the re-mark. Please note that grades can go down as well as up.

Access to Scripts (ATS)

You can request a copy of the original script sent electronically as a PDF via Edexcel Online.

To allow time for enquiries about results services for the externally assessed components of the qualification, certificates will be sent at the same time as GCE/GCSE certificates to arrive in centres before 31 October.

I hope you have found this update useful. Should you wish to discuss this or anything else further, please feel free to contact me.

Kate Elsmore
Health and Social Care / Early Years Subject Advisor

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