July 2016 update

5 July 2016

Find out about the recent and continued developments with GCSE 9-1 (2016), International GCSE 9-1 (2017), Chemistry GCE (2015), Psychology GCE (2015) and Entry Level Certificate for Science (2016) - and get a brief insight into the Festival of Education.

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The Telegraph Festival of Education

On Thursday 23 and Friday 24 June 2016 thousands of individuals connected with education came together to listen to a range of key speakers from inside and out the education sector. A proportion of the event was to understand what makes education great and to convey good practice. It was a wonderful day and there was an overwhelming positive vibrancy of what indeed makes education great. Put a note in your diary for next year as this should be a fantastic CPD opportunity.

To gain an insight into the 2 days visit the Festival of Education website.

If you did not attend, I would be interested to know what you and your students think - what makes education great?

Email your answers to teachingscience@pearson.com.

GCSE Science 9-1 (2016)

Year 10 exam

We have now released the proposed dates for the Year 10 exam and the individual papers will be 50 marks and 1 hour long. You can make tier entries too. For FAQs and further information, see the Year 10 exam page.

The exam dates have not been finalised but we expect them to be in the first week of May 2017.


The ActiveLearn Digital Service is being released in stages: it includes the online book (front of class only), teacher and technician guide, planner, activity and assessment pack.

ActiveLearn release dates:

  • Biology –  6 July 2016
  • Chemistry – 15 August 2016
  • Physics – 15 July 2016 

Psychology GCE (2015)

Assessment of Issues and Debates

Please make a note that Issues and Debates will not be assessed in paper 2 (topics 5-8). Paper 2 comprises 2 sections:

Section A: Clinical Psychology 

Section B: One of the 3 options from Child, Health or Criminological

Erratum in A level specification

In the A level (2015) specification on page 3, Paper 3 section B should say, '... psychological studies given in topics 1-5'. 

Chemistry GCE (2015)

Core Practical

The Core Practical number 5 has been reviewed and is now back on the website. Thank you for your contributions and please continue to provide valuable feedback.

International GCSE (2017)

International GCSE 9-1 Sciences (2017) specifications are available in the International GCSE (2017) 9-1 section of the website, where you can see the exciting additions. Launch events are available - search and book your place from the training page using your Edexcel Online account.

See the specifications

International GCSE (2017) 9-1 Biology

International GCSE (2017) 9-1 Chemistry

International GCSE (2017) 9-1 Physics

Entry Level Certificate Science (2016)

As you probably know, we have developed a new Entry Level Certificate for first teaching September 2016, which has co-teachability incorporated. The draft specification is available on the website - here's a quick summary:

  • Can be taken as a stand-alone qualification or used as  “stepping stone” to GCSE 9-1 or a “fall back” for lower-ability students
  • First teaching is from September 2016
  • Based on new POS for KS4 Science
  • Two sizes: ELC (Single Award) ELC (Double Award)
  • Each size has 6 units – 2 x Biology, 2 x Chemistry and 2 x Physics 
    • Content of ELC (Single Award) covers the same Topics as Paper 1 GCSE 9-1 Combined Science
    • Single award: B1a, B1b, C1a, C1b, P1a, P1b
    • Content of ELC (Double Award) covers the same Topics as Paper 2 GCSE 9-1 Combined Science
    • Double award: B2a, B2b, C2a, C2b, P2a, P2b
  • Each unit has an externally written set question paper that can be taken when students are ready and that is marked by teachers and externally moderated as currently exists
  • Each written assessment has questions focusing on practical skills (same approach as GCSE 9-1 in terms of practical style questions  in assessments)
  • Our suggested practical activities are tailored to Entry Level Certificate learners where relevant
  • Closely matches the GCSE 9-1 Combined Science core practicals for co-teachability.

The current 'legacy' Entry Level Certificate in Science will have have the final entry this September 2016 ending in 2017 and will run alongside the new ELC for this year.

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