Pearson LCCI January 2021 update

29 January 2021

We hope that you're keeping safe and well as we continue through these challenging times. Pearson’s priority is the health and safety of all our internal and external stakeholders.

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We understand the anxiety our customers face in this unprecedented situation and the constant uncertainty the pandemic continues to bring.

Pearson LCCI Exams 2021

We wanted to reassure our customers that at this time, our intention is that LCCI exams will take place as planned in 2021. The next LCCI exam series is April 2021 and you can download the 2021 exam timetable for details.

Exam timetables

LCCI qualifications are studied by thousands of learners in different markets, where there are varying national circumstances and responses to the global pandemic. We appreciate how important these qualifications are to help learners to progress with their next steps and careers.

We are conscious that different international markets may still face different circumstances in April 2021 and beyond and it may not be possible for exams to resume in all regions, depending on local government guidance in place at the time. In regions where this is the case, we are in communication with our regional representatives.

Subsequently, we recognise that some students may not feel ready to enter for exams due to missed teaching time during the pandemic. If this situation applies to you, your regional representative will be able to advise you on which future series will be deemed suitable for you.

Where exams can take place, centres must always follow the most recent local government and public health guidance to keep candidates and staff safe before, during and after sitting exams. It is also imperative that centres adhere to the Instructions for Conducting Examinations (ICE) guidelines.

Exam administration and guidance

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Pearson representative or call our hotline on +44 (0) 120 4770 696.  Alternatively, you can submit a query via Pearson Support. 

Pearson LCCI On Demand / Series Qualifications & UK Border Issues

As you may already be aware, several countries have restricted movement to and from the UK due to the continuing situation with Covid-19. To mitigate the impact of this on yourselves and your learners, please note the following:

  • Dispatch of examination materials from the UK and from our local regional offices are not impacted by border issues at present.
  • Our current information is that there are no border restrictions that will impact the return of learner scripts for January 2021 series. This may be subject to change for subsequent series, but please be assured that we are working with regional representatives to monitor this and we will contact you again if this changes.
  • It is even more important in the current circumstances that we can track and monitor all orders returning to the UK. It will assist us greatly in this task if you can ensure that you share tracking numbers for all returning orders with your regional representatives.
  • Where there is a delay in receiving learner scripts and other materials for On Demand examinations, these will be processed by the UK team immediately upon receipt.

Please do get in touch with the LCCI Assessment Team on if you have any questions or concerns about returning learner scripts.

For all other queries relating to exams please use Pearson Support or contact your local Pearson representative.

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