LCCI Newsletter April 2020

Thu Apr 09 11:02:34 UTC 2020

Updates about LCCI Professional Qualifications for April 2020

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Important update regarding Pearson LCCI Professional April, June and July 2020 exam series

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is impacting our lives in many ways, and the situation continues to evolve rapidly. Our priority is keeping everyone safe and well, and our best wishes are with you all.

We’re committed to supporting all our customers, whatever your situation. It is, however, clear that this global pandemic continues to present significant challenges, changes and uncertainty for everyone.

Our focus is on providing as much certainty and clarity as we can, and as such, we would like to share with you an important update.

We have made the difficult decision to cancel the Pearson LCCI April, June and July 2020 examination series in all regions.

See full details regarding these changes

Pearson LCCI Diploma first claim and subsequent diplomas

As a thank you for your patience with the transition to Qualifications Management Application (QMA), we are rewarding our centres and students by offering the first diploma claimed free of charge on QMA. Subsequent diploma(s) claimed on QMA will incur a cost. 

Each learner must have one Pearson Learner ID across all of their records to claim Diploma(s) on QMA. You can check that the Pearson Learner ID and personal details are correct on QMA. If a learner has more than one Pearson Learner ID, please contact us to make the corrections. 

Any subsequent Diploma(s) with registrations on QMA or Diploma(s) claimed for Campus & QMA will continue to incur a cost. The usual procedures will apply, please liaise with your local regional offices. Please submit the template listed below via SFT with payment to your local regional office(s).

For more information about LCCI Diplomas, please refer to the LCCI Information Manual or contact your local Pearson regional office through our Pearson Customer Support Portal.

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Pearson LCCI Financial and Quantitative Suite

We have recently made changes to key dates relating to five qualifications in the Pearson LCCI Financial and Quantitative suite. Please take note of the information below as it may affect your exam schedules and how you register students using QMA.

Level 2 Cost Accounting & Level 3 Cost and Management Accounting

  • Changed first assessment for revised versions
  • Changed last assessment for legacy qualifications
  • Sample assessment materials (SAMs) for the revised versions have been temporarily removed from the website

Level 2 & Level 3 Business Statistics

  • First assessment for revised versions remain the same
  • Changed last assessment for legacy qualifications
  • Given the current situation with COVID-19, the first assessment for the revised version and the last assessment for the legacy is now planned for the September 2020 series 

Level 2 Business Calculations

  • First assessment for redeveloped qualification remains the same
  • Changed last assessment for legacy qualification

As a result of this, there will now be an overlap in provision between legacy and new specifications, therefore centres will need to ensure they select the correct Q-number when registering learners on QMA.

We have also removed the resit only opportunities for the legacy qualifications.

The exam timetable will be updated in due course to reflect these changes.

See for full details regarding these changes

L3 Advanced Business Calculations

As a reminder, please continue to use the legacy specification to deliver this qualification. The new specification has been removed from the website and we will communicate further updates when this is available.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact your local Pearson representative.

Download the specification

ACCA exemptions

Earlier this year, ACCA informed us of changes to some of the exemptions for our LCCI Level 3 and 4 qualifications, which were due to take place from 1 July 2020. As a reminder, ACCA exemptions are based on the date that the student graduates from the course.

There have been some changes to some of the exemptions granted compared to the previous period. This decision has been made by ACCA after reviewing the qualifications. Exemptions from the previous period were extended until 30 June 2020 - we recommend that you use the ACCA online calculator to search for exemption information.

However, in light of the current Covid-19 situation, and the LCCI examinations being postponed in April, June and July, we are reaching out to ACCA to ask for an extension of the 6 month grace period for previous exemptions. We will let you know about any agreements as soon as we have confirmation from ACCA.

LCCI exemptions for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

We are pleased to announce that our LCCI exemptions for ICAEW qualifications, listed below, have been renewed for another year. These exemptions  Students require a minimum pass mark in all modules.

ICAEW paper exemption LCCI qualification
Accounting Pearson LCCI Level 4 Certificate in Financial Accounting (VRQ)
Business, Technology and Finance Pearson LCCI Level 4 Certificate in Organisational Behaviour and Performance (VRQ)
Management Information

Pearson LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Cost and Management Accounting (VRQ) 


Pearson LCCI Level 4 Certificate in Management Accounting (VRQ) 


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