Count FEFE Accounting Game App

Thu Oct 25 13:58:00 UTC 2018

‘Count FEFE’ - a free to play accounting and finance game for iPhones and Android phones.

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‘Count FEFE’ is a digital game to support the development of introductory accounting and finance skills for business. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play.

The game is the main output of the ‘Financial Education for Future Entrepreneurs’ project, led by Aston Business School and funded by the
Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

The ‘Count FEFE’ game puts the student in the role of the owner-manager of a retail start-up business, who runs their business over a series of ‘simulated months’ by responding to events, making business decisions, interpreting financial information and completing timed multiple choice quizzes.

Once the user has successfully proved their accounting and finance literacy, they progress to the next game level and unlock new business features, new financial data and new challenges.

If you would like to know more about the FEFE project and game or would like to discuss how you might include the FEFE game or other FEFE project outputs in your teaching please email Matt Davies, the FEFE Project Lead.

Further information is also available on the project website.


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