Changes to sample assessment materials (SAMs) for Pearson LCCI customer service qualifications

14 April 2015

We've recently made some changes to the LCCI Level 2 and 3 Customer Service SAMs. 

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The updated SAMs are now available in the course materials for the relevant LCCI customer service qualifications.

What's changed?

1. Additional multiple-choice questions: Originally the Level 2 SAM presented just an exemplar of 5 of 20 multiple-choice questions. This has now been extended to the full 20, which reflects the current practice in live papers.

2. Answer overlap: Some questions on the SAMs elicited the same or similar responses by the candidate. This has been resolved by making existing questions more specific or replacing them.

3. Wording and content: We’ve reviewed and adjusted the language used in the SAMs where appropriate to ensure that what's being asked of candidates is clear. We’ve also checked that the responses required are appropriate to the marks available for each question, and comparable between questions within each paper.

4. Mark scheme: Marking guidance has been added, as previously only model answers were included. The mark scheme has been updated to reflect any changes to each question.

Why have these changes been made?

We've made these changes to make the documents more useful to candidates ahead of their live examinations. The course content and the specification remain as originally published.

When will these changes be implemented?

These changes have been made in the published SAMs on the website, and will be reflected in future live papers.

What do I need to do?

You don't need to do anything, but please be reminded that this is a fully awarded qualification, so outcomes from one examination to the next are reviewed in light of the difficulty of individual papers. Therefore, the outcomes of current and future candidates will be comparable with those of candidates who took this qualification in the past, irrespective of these changes.

Where can I go for help and support?

Your Regional Development Manager will be your first point of contact. You can also email our customer service team at for further assistance.


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