11 March 2016

The Pearson Edexcel International A Level Biology Unit 5 pre-release scientific article (WBIO5/01) for summer 2016 series, entitled 'Aspects of Ageing and Disease', is now available for International centres delivering the IAL Biology specification.

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This pre-release scientific article can be given to students from 14 March 2016. They can study and annotate it over the coming weeks in preparation for those specific questions on the Unit 5 examination paper.

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To access the article you will need an Edexcel username and password, available from your Exams Officer.

Students are not allowed to take their annotated copy into the examination room. There is a fresh copy inside the Unit 5 written examination paper on the day. In the unlikely event these fresh copies are missing, then please download and photocopy a set. If you have any private or external candidates registered to sit this examination, please provide a copy for them too.

If you have any further questions about this pre-release article for IAL Biology then please email: Teachingscience@pearson.com

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