Pearson replacement qualifications to be made available through Campus from 2 February 2016

19 January 2015

Pearson replacement qualifications are due to open to registrations on Monday 2 February. Initially, these qualifications will be available through Campus.

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When you log in on 2 February, you'll see the Pearson replacement qualifications alongside the Pearson EDI qualifications they replace, which will be closed to new registrations.

This change will allow us more time to complete our testing of the new qualifications management application, which will now launch on 2 March. We apologise for any inconvenience this change in launch date may have caused. The additional time will also allow us to include some extra features that will improve your experience when using the system.

Pearson Onscreen Platform (POP) software available now

Until 3 March, Pearson EDI qualifications will continue to use the existing assessment methods, including the Campus onscreen test player. However, if you need to conduct onscreen tests for the new Pearson qualifications during February, you'll need to download the Pearson Onscreen Platform (POP) software.

Download the software

If you already run the new Pearson Business Skills or Security qualifications at your centre, then you probably already have this software installed and will be familiar with its use.

Launching the qualifications management application

The timetable for the roll-out of the qualifications management application will now be as follows:

  • Thursday 26 February: Last tests accessed through Campus
  • Friday 27 February: Campus available for test package upload only
  • Saturday 28 February to Monday 2 March - Campus test platform unavailable
  • Monday 2 March: Qualifications management application launches (no onscreen tests on this day)
  • Tuesday 3 March: Testing resumes on the new Pearson Onscreen Platform, accessed through the qualifications management application.

The previously advised testing freeze no longer applies, and you're free to schedule onscreen tests except on the dates above.


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