Changes to speaking and listening in GCSE English and English Language

Fri Sep 06 14:10:00 UTC 2013

Ofqual has announced that speaking and listening assessments will stop counting towards final grades in GCSE English and English Language from summer 2014.

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The change, announced on 29 August 2013, will come into effect for awards made next summer (2014). Entries in November 2013 are unaffected. Read Ofqual's announcement here.

Students’ speaking and listening skills will instead be reported separately on the GCSE certificate alongside the GCSE grade, giving a more detailed picture of their achievements than under the current arrangements.

The changes will also alter the balance between exams and controlled assessments. Under the current arrangements, controlled assessments make up 60% of marks (20% speaking and listening and 40% reading and writing), with written exams counting for 40 per cent. In future, written exams will count for 60% of marks and the reading and writing controlled assessments will count for 40%.

We're working with Ofqual to understand the practical implications of this change, and will update you as soon as we know more.

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