23 December 2014

As you know, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) reviewed their specifications for learning in association with the security industry earlier this year – you may even have taken part in their public consultation.

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This means that our Security Licence to Practise qualifications have been updated to reflect these changes. The new Pearson specifications will be on our website very soon. We'll let you know as soon as they're available and what the updates mean for you and your learners.

The last registration date for the current qualifications is 31 December 2014. Your learners registered on these qualifications have until 31 March 2015 to complete their qualification and claim certification.

Approval and Recognition of Prior Learning

You will receive automatic approval for the new version of any qualification that you are currently approved for.

There will be no Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from the old qualifications to the new ones. Any learners who are registered on the new qualifications from 1 January 2015 will need to complete all the new units, due to the SIA’s requirement that all learners take the new units from 1 January to ensure they receive the most up to date training. This policy applies to all awarding organisations offering Security Licence to Practise qualifications.

Onscreen testing

We are also changing the way we deliver onscreen tests for our security qualifications. Tests for the new qualifications will be delivered via our Pearson Onscreen Platform (POP) rather than via Promissor. You will be able to register learners for the new qualifications from 1 January 2015, and book and deliver these tests from 5 January.

If you have already made test bookings for January, you will still be able to deliver them through Promissor.

We advise that you install and familiarise yourself with POP in preparation for January. If you are delivering our new BTEC Business Skills qualifications or NQF BTEC onscreen tests, please make sure you have the latest version installed.

Our online guides include details of how to install and use POP, as well as the minimum technical requirements needed to deliver your learners’ tests:

Edexcel Online registrations guide
POP webinar
POP Offline user guide


The LAN version of POP is suitable if you have more than one computer being used in a 'classroom' environment, as it supports multiple tests being taken at the same time. The LAN package requires multiple software components to be installed and a permanent internet connection to allow learners' responses to be uploaded immediately after the test.


The offline version is suitable if you do not have an internet connection while tests are taking place. Tests can be downloaded prior to the exam and responses uploaded whenever an internet connection is available again. The software can be installed on a single computer and is ideal for off-site use.

To get POP user access for you and your colleagues, please complete the username request form below and email a copy to wblcustomerservices@pearson.com (employers) or examsofficers@pearson.com (Further Education centres).

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We are sorry for the short notice in announcing these changes, and if you have any queries about this, please contact your Account Specialist:

WBL: 0344 576 0045 or wblcustomerservices@pearson.com
FE centres: 0344 463 2535 or examsofficers@pearson.com.  

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