Thu Feb 20 16:01:04 UTC 2014

The Skills Funding Agency has introduced new 19+ funding rules for any new qualifications released from February 2014 and all qualifications from 2014-15.

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The SFA’s new rules are designed to ensure the qualifications it funds are relevant to employers and learners, supporting skills needed both now and in the future, to close skills gaps, drive up economic success and help people engage with and remain in work.

Last month the agency published its Technical Guidance for Awarding Organisations, which details its new approach to approving qualifications for adult funding.

Some qualifications will be approved automatically for adult funding. See the list on the SFA website funding approval page.

Qualifications not automatically approved will be subject to new business rules:

  • They must meet certain size and purpose parameters.
  • They have to be supported by a statement of purpose, which sets out what and who the qualification is for.
  • They will need to be supported by letters of recognition from relevant end users.

We'll be working to make sure that as many of our current qualifications as possible remain funded for adults and that our new qualifications are approved for funding.


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