Pearson science competition

10 July 2020

The Salters’ Institute, our curriculum partner for A level Biology 'A' and – in conjunction with the Horners’ Company – A level Physics, is running a competition for students this year. To give the same opportunities to students of A level Biology 'B' and A level Chemistry, we're sponsoring a parallel competition for students of these specifications.

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  • Students should submit a report of up to 1000 words about an issue that is of particular interest to them
  • This report could describe a piece of significant practical work carried out during the course
  • Alternatively, it could be an analysis of an issue in contemporary biology or contemporary chemistry
  • The report should be written for the intelligent lay reader.


  • Entries should be submitted by schools, not by individual students
  • Entries are limited to a maximum of one entry per school in each subject. Where more than one student wishes to enter, the school should select the strongest candidate. Alternatively, a group of up to three students can submit a single report.
  • Where a group of up to three students have collaborated to produce a single report, this group constitutes a single entry.
  • Part of the criteria used in choosing the award winners will be the grade awarded in the summer of 2020. Award winners should be anticipating A or A* grades in their A level.

How to apply

  • Applications should be sent by email, using the nomination form below, to  
  • The closing date for entries is 30 September 2020. 


  • The winners will be announced in early November
  • Pearson will publish a selection of the best reports
  • Any enquiries should be emailed to

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