Update on regulatory enforcements related to the breach of reviews of marking (2016-2019)

Wed Aug 31 11:44:52 UTC 2022

Ofqual’s Notice of Intention to Fine relates to the marking of exam papers that we identified and fixed three years ago. Our review of marking approach since then has been entirely compliant with that laid down by Ofqual’s Qualification Level Conditions and Requirements for GCSEs and GCEs. Ofqual has confirmed that there is no evidence to show that this issue resulted in learners or centres receiving the wrong outcome as a result of this historic error. We have made representations on this notice as due process allows.

Now that Ofqual has published this notification, we are able to refund impacted schools and colleges where marking was not completed by a different examiner. We will now communicate with those individual schools and colleges impacted and issue a credit note to their account. You will hear directly from us in the next 2 days if you are affected.

Ofqual’s findings in relation to the issuing of short course exam certificates several years ago is also now resolved and neither of the two issues has any impact whatsoever on marking, reviews of marking or certification for the 2022 exam series.


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