The Head of Centre Declaration forms the last part of the Centre Assessment Grade and rank order submission process, and should only be undertaken once data has been checked for accuracy and submitted for every learner across all qualifications and levels.

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In order to ensure that the Head of Centre declaration was not submitted inadvertently and before all necessary quality checks were undertaken, the functionality was not available when the application was released on 1 June 2020. It has since been deployed and can now be found on the Centre Assessment Grade Capture screen beneath the ‘Direct online input’ and ‘Upload via spreadsheet’ buttons.

EOL Head of Centre Declaration screengrab

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Please note: only those with both the new 'Capture' profile and the existing ‘Results’ profile on Edexcel Online will see the button to access the declaration page.

The Head of Centre must have ensured that all appropriate quality checks and procedures have been followed in the process of determining the centre assessment grades and rank order for every learner before the declaration can be made.

In order to submit the declaration, please select the Centre Assessment Grade Capture menu option, then click on the Declaration button. A new screen will open, you will need to enter the following details for the Head of Centre:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Contact number (mandatory)

Once these are complete, click on Submit declaration. This will then submit the declaration and finalise all the Centre Assessment Grades and rank order submitted. You will no longer be able to make any further amendments but will retain ‘read-only’ access to the information submitted.

To allow for quality assurance checks, it may take up to 48 hours for the Head of Centre to receive confirmation via email of the declaration.

The email title will be 'Confirming your summer 2020 Head of Centre declaration submission' and will contain details of the declaration as specified by Ofqual:

I confirm that these centre assessment grades, and the rank order of students have been checked for accuracy, reviewed by a second member of staff (where possible) and are accurate and represent the objective and professional judgements made by my staff, that entries were appropriate for each candidate and that each candidate has no more than one entry per subject.
Having reviewed the relevant processes and data, I am confident that they honestly and fairly represent the grades that these students would have been most likely to achieve if they had sat their exams as planned, and that they have not been disclosed to either the candidate or their parent/guardian.
I understand that exam boards will conduct a statistical standardisation exercise, using a model developed with Ofqual, and that, if the profile of grades submitted is substantially different from what might be expected based on my centre’s historical results and the prior attainment of this year’s students, the grades for my centre will be adjusted to bring them into line with national standards.
Where a student would have been entitled to reasonable adjustments or access arrangements, the information submitted reflects the student's likely achievement if they had been able to sit their examinations with the intended reasonable adjustment or access arrangement in place.

There is a limited window for the submission of data and the Head of Centre Declaration, and any delay may mean that results cannot be issued on time for your learners. Centre Assessment Grades and rank orders must be submitted by 12 June. The Head of Centre Declaration must be submitted by 19 June.

If after the declaration has been submitted you notice an error please contact our support teams urgently via our Support Portal, or by calling the relevant team.