We understand that many of you will have already started the process of preparing the rank order of your candidates.

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There are a variety of approaches you can take to do this (some have been made available through Ofqual and JCQ) and our suggestion of the steps you and your centre could follow to create your rank order are in the pdf attached and you can also watch a short video explaining the process.

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Rank order for tiered subjects

Many of you are asking about what is happening with tiered entry qualifications such as Mathematics or French and also what is happening with qualifications like Combined Science.

We can now confirm that a single rank order for the tiered subject must be collected for submission. You should combine foundation and higher tier students at grades 3, 4 and 5 and put them in a single rank order. Within the rank order you must ensure that the Centre Assessment Grade is appropriate for the tier for which the student is entered. We will be offering further support and guidance about what this will mean for specific subjects in the next week.

Here are further details on how we'll provide results for our International AS/A Level for the May/June 2020 window and what you need to provide.

For those students entered for International AS/A Level exams in May/June 2020, we'll be asking centres to submit a centre assessment grade and rank order for each unit for which students have an entry this May/June 2020. This applies to any unit entry for the May/June 2020 exam series, including for those students entered to re-sit unit(s).

For International A level Law, which follows a linear assessment, we'll ask you to submit a single assessed grade for the subject and a single rank order of students at each grade.

For International AS/A Level exams (except Law), we'll use this information to award grades at unit level for the May/June 2020 series. These grades will also be assigned a notional single UMS (Uniform Mark Scale) mark. The mark will be a single notional mark for all students that achieve the same grade on each unit. This means that this mark can be carried forward towards the total marks required to achieve the qualification grade, for this series and future series, and students can continue with their existing study, exam pattern and progression.

Students who already have a unit result(s) from previous exam series can continue to cash-in these units for a qualification grade for the May/June 2020 series or future exam series.

Centre Assessment Grading and rank order for IAL FAQs (PDF)

View our guidance on Centre Assessment Grades and rank order, where we’ll continue to update you and share guidance and support


Over the coming weeks we will be sharing different types of guidance to support you with your rank ordering decisions, based on the support that you have asked for.

We have a team of expert examiners on hand, through our popular ‘Ask the Expert’ service, to be able to support you with any questions you may have as you work through this process with your colleagues.