Teaching BTEC supports: Achievement, engagement, progression.

How can BTEC help a school like mine?

Students learn in different ways. Not all have the same goals. Some prefer an academic approach while others thrive in an engaging and hands-on style. Broadening your school’s curriculum by offering BTEC can help you really engage with students of all learning styles, interests, goals, and abilities.

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Take a look at a selection of case studies below to see how schools like yours are using BTEC to prepare their students for their next steps, get them involved with their peers, and achieve more.

If you’re planning to offer BTEC at your school, let us know and we’ll help you get prepared.

Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College

"We want our students to get the best results possible, and we feel that BTEC qualifications really support this"

Paul Stirling, Deputy Headteacher -  Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College

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Teachers use BTEC to offer a different way of learning, discovering untapped potential and achievement beyond expectations.

If your students struggle with anxiety and stress when facing traditional end-of-course exams, then BTEC qualifications could be a good option for you.

Explore how BTEC offers a different way of learning at Dover College
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Find out about restoring student confidence at Plympton Academy School
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BTEC’s practical, hands-on approach means teachers can motivate their students by showing how classroom learning relates to real-life careers and employment. 

The invaluable employability skills students learn on a BTEC course build self-esteem and confidence, allow their own ambitions to develop, and give them the motivation to invest in their studies.

Read about doing what's right for every student at Smestow School
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Learn about creating an inclusive curriculum at Hamstead Hall Academy
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Find out about motivating students at Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College
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BTEC’s unit-based structure and practical learning style helps teachers prepare each individual student for their next step, whether that’s a job, training or further study.

Whatever path students choose when they leave school, offering BTEC as part of a broad curriculum means they can choose a subject and learning style which suits them, develop their personal interests, and invest in the knowledge and skills to help them thrive in the future.

Read how BTEC offers a different way of learning at St Simon Stock Catholic School
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Find out about retaining and recruiting students at Milton Abbey School
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