Step 3 - Results

Whether you're a teacher or exams officer, you can use this page to locate essential results information and find out what to do before and after receiving your students' results. 

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Reporting vocational achievement

Before we can release results for vocational qualifications, you need to let us know how your learners performed in internally assessed units and external assessments (where appropriate). You’ll also need to tell us if you want us to issue an interim or final certificate.

More about reporting vocational achievement

Receiving results through EDI and Edexcel Online

You can access results and reports through electronic data interchange (EDI) and/or Edexcel Online.

Find out how you can access results for your learners

Amending reported achievement

If you receive a notice from us to say that your learners have not met the requirements of the course, or you find that published results aren’t as you expected, you should check the results you reported.

How to correct mistakes in reported achievement

Grade boundaries show the minimum marks needed to achieve a certain grade for externally assessed units.

Grade statistics summarise the overall grade outcomes for individual externally assessed units.

The BTEC Results 2014 press statement contains information on the overall outcomes for students completing level 2 (First) and level 3 (National) BTEC qualifications between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014. 

Our easy-to-use past paper search gives you instant access to a large library of past exam papers and mark schemes. They’re available free to teachers and students, although only teachers can access the most recent papers.

Search for past papers and mark schemes 

Understanding the results of external assessments 

Next generation BTEC NQF programmes contain an element of external assessment. This may be through a timetabled paper-based examination, an onscreen, on-demand test or a set task conducted under controlled conditions.

Understanding next generation NQF BTEC results

Calculating BTEC grades

Overall qualification grades for BTECs are calculated in a slightly different way depending on the framework the programme has been accredited to. The specification is the best place to find guidance on how the qualification grade is calculated but you can also see our guidance for students on how we calculate the overall grade for their BTEC.

Equivalencies and UCAS

It is not always a simple task to equate grades for BTEC qualifications to grades for GCSEs and A levels. However, it is possible to compare BTECs with GCSEs and A levels in terms of their level, size and content. You can also compare our BTEC Level 3 Nationals in terms of the number of UCAS points they receive.

Compare BTECs to GCSE and A level qualifications

Lead examiner report

The lead examiner report provides sector- and session-specific grade boundaries, a professional commentary on the marking process, and feedback on learner responses. You can find the lead examiner report on the course materials tab for your BTEC.

Standards Verifier report

Once the report has been submitted by the Standards Verifier, your Quality Nominee will receive an automatic email alert and you can access your report through Edexcel Online

If you have concerns about your students’ externally assessed results, you can use our post-results services.

Post-results services