Quality Nominees

Every BTEC centre must identify a member of staff as their Quality Nominee, to be the main point of contact for information related to quality assurance. 

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We recommend that your Quality Nominee is someone with responsibility for the BTEC curriculum, as they will be involved in monitoring and supporting staff in your centre.

Quality Nominees receive regular information from us about all aspects of BTEC and other vocational qualifications, which they should share with the relevant staff in their centre. They are also the first point of contact for our Standards Verifiers and Centre Quality Reviewers. Therefore, it is very important that Quality Nominee details are kept up to date on Edexcel Online.

As Quality Nominee, please make sure that your BTEC staff understand and follow the guidance on our quality assurance pages. On the key documents page, you will find the Vocational Quality Assurance Handbook, BTEC Centre Guides and useful forms and templates.


BTEC Quality Nominee Network Events

We also recommend that you attend one of our regular Quality Nominee networks. These events are run twice a year throughout the UK and online.

Network events for BTEC Quality Nominees