BTEC Specialist and Professional qualifications

Our BTEC Specialist and BTEC Professional qualifications help learners gain and develop the skills they need to get started and progress in a wide range of careers.

From Entry Level to Level 3, our BTEC Specialist qualifications boost students’ career prospects with the skills, knowledge and understanding that employers look for.

At Levels 4 to 7, our BTEC Professional qualifications further enhance learners’ work experience so they can improve their professional practice and take that next step in the workplace.

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  1. Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles
  2. Heavy Vehicle Trailer Maintenance and Repair Principles
  3. Lift Truck Maintenance and Repair Principles
  4. Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles
  5. Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Principles
  6. Vehicle Accident Repair Body Principles
  1. Vehicle Accident Repair Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) Principles
  2. Vehicle Accident Repair Paint Principles
  3. Vehicle Fitting Principles
  4. Vehicle Fitting Supervisory Principles
  5. Vehicle Immobilisation
  6. Vehicle Sales Principles
  1. Applying an Entrepreneurial Approach
  2. Business (Specialist - Finance)
  3. Business (Specialist)
  4. Business Administration
  5. Business and Administration
  6. Business Innovation Management
  7. Business Operations
  8. Innovation and Growth
  9. Law and Legal Work
  1. Mathematical Applications
  2. Online Business Skills
  3. Principles of Business and Administration
  4. Principles of Trade Business Services
  5. Public Relations
  6. Social networking for business
  7. The Business Environment
  8. Understanding an Entrepreneurial Approach
  9. Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  1. 3D Design
  2. Broadcast Production
  3. Creative and Digital Media
  4. Design
  5. Design Crafts
  6. Fashion and Clothing
  7. Fine Art
  8. Graphic Design
  9. Interactive Design and Development
  10. Interactive Media
  11. Music (Live Sound)
  1. Music (Music Performance)
  2. Music (Songwriting)
  3. Music for Practical Performance
  4. Music Leadership within the Uniformed Public Services
  5. Music Management within the Uniformed Public Services
  6. Music within the Uniformed Public Services
  7. Photography
  8. Principles of the Creative and Cultural Sector
  9. Principles of the Cultural Heritage Sector
  10. Visual Arts
  1. Contact Centre Operations
  2. Customer Service
  1. Principles of Customer Service
  2. Principles of Customer Service in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism
  1. Apparel, Footwear, Leather or Textile Production
  2. Technical Textiles and Apparel
  1. Textile Design and Manufacture
  2. Textiles
  1. Hairdressing
  1. Hairdressing Services
  1. Activity Provision in Social Care
  2. Assisting and Moving Individuals for Social Care Settings
  3. Awareness of Dementia
  4. Awareness of End of Life Care
  5. Induction into Adult Social Care in Northern Ireland
  6. Counselling Skills
  7. Dementia Care
  8. Employment and Personal Learning Skills in Health
  9. Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health
  10. Food Safety in Health and Social Care and Early Years and Childcare Settings
  11. Health and Safety in the Workplace
  12. Healthy Eating
  13. Hearing Care Assistant
  14. Inducting Others in the Assisting and Moving of Individuals in Social Care
  15. Leadership and Management for Residential Childcare
  16. Leading and Managing Services to Support End of Life and Significant Life Events
  1. Maternity Support Work
  2. Paediatric First Aid
  3. Personal Safety Awareness
  4. Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
  5. Prevention and Control of Infection
  6. Principles of Funeral Operations and Services
  7. Promoting Food Safety and Nutrition in Health and Social Care or Early Years and Childcare Settings
  8. Residential Childcare
  9. Safe Learning in the Workplace
  10. Supporting Activity Provision in Social Care
  11. Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities
  12. Therapeutic Counselling
  13. Working in the Health Sector
  14. Working with Individuals with Diabetes
  15. Working with Substance Misuse
  1. ICT Systems and Principles
  2. Information Technology (Specialist)
  1. Professional Software Development
  2. Social Media
  1. Housing Practice
  1. Incident Command in Fire and Rescue Services
  2. Compartment Fire Behaviour Training
  3. Emergency Fire and Rescue Services Operations in the Community
  4. Fire and Rescue Services in the Community
  5. Fire Safety (Fire Auditors)
  6. Fire Safety
  7. Fitness Testing and Training for the Uniformed Public Services
  8. Improving Health and Fitness for Entry into the Uniformed Public Services
  9. Improving Health and Fitness for Entry to the Uniformed Public Services
  10. Knowledge of Court Tribunal Administration
  11. Knowledge of Custodial Care
  1. Knowledge of Defence Policing
  2. Policing
  3. Military Engineering
  4. Personal Licence Holders
  5. Public Sector Practice
  6. Public Sector Practice (Uniformed)
  7. Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders at SCQF Level 6 (Scotland)
  8. Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community
  9. Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship for Youth Organisations (Scotland)
  10. Understanding Discipline in the Uniformed Public Services
  1. Advertising and Marketing Communications
  2. Principles of Marketing
  1. Principles of Sales
  1. Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning
  2. Exercise and Fitness Instruction
  3. Fitness Instructing
  4. Leadership Through Sport
  5. Personal Training
  6. Principles of Coaching Sport
  7. Sailing and Watersports
  8. Skills and Activities for Sport and Active Leisure (Business)
  1. Skills and Activities for Sport and Active Leisure (Coaching and Performance Management)
  2. Skills and Activities for Sport and Active Leisure (Exercise and Fitness Instruction)
  3. Skills and Activities for Sport and Active Leisure
  4. Skills and Activities for Sport and Active Leisure (Outdoor Education)
  5. Skills and Activities for Sport and Active Leisure (Sports Science)
  6. Sports Development
  7. Supporting Activities and Events for Sport and Active Leisure
  8. Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events
  1. Achieving Excellence in Skills (Performance Excellence)
  2. Assessment Management
  3. Career Guidance and Development
  4. Coaching and Consulting
  5. Developing an Entrepreneurial Approach
  6. e-Responsibility for Education
  7. Education and Training
  8. Employment Related Services
  9. Introduction to Life Coaching Skills
  10. Life Coaching Skills and Practice
  11. Peer Education
  1. Peer Mentoring
  2. Personal and Social Development
  3. ​Planning and Participating in Work Experience
  4. Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
  5. Principles of Managing the Learning and Development Function
  6. Promoting Equality and Diversity in the Workplace
  7. Supporting and Developing the Entrepreneurial Student
  8. Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector
  9. Voluntary Work in Educational Settings
  10. Workskills for Effective Learning and Employment
  1. Auto Electrical and Mobile Electrical Principles
  2. Automotive Management and Leadership
  3. Aviation Operations on the Ground (Knowledge)
  4. Aviation Studies for Air Cadets
  5. Body Building Principles
  6. Food Safety for Logistics
  7. Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver
  1. Knowledge for a Professional Bus or Coach Driver
  2. Principles for Carrying and Delivering Goods by Road
  3. Principles of Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance (Body)
  4. Principles of Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance (Electrical)
  5. Principles of Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance (Mechanical)
  6. Principles of Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance (Mechanical Electrical)
  7. Warehousing and Storage Principles
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