Results and certification Post-results services

Art and design, drama and languages post-results services (until 31 July 2018)

Find out how to make Enquiry about Results (EAR) requests for art and design, drama and languages.

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GCSE, A level and BTEC (NQF) Art and Design

Please note that only review of moderation (EAR3) services are available for these specifications.

Once you have submitted your EAR request to us through Edexcel Online, we'll fax you an acknowledgement letter listing the original sample of candidates. You'll need to ensure that the work of these candidates is available for moderation review. Please notify us once you've received the list of sampled candidates.

We'll make arrangements for a senior moderator to visit your centre. You'll be liable for all associated costs, which we'll calculate pro rata on the basis of the number of candidates who meet the criteria. The costs would include the senior moderator’s fees, travelling expenses, subsistence costs and, if necessary, accommodation costs and teacher-release payments. However, you won't need to pay the standard EAR3 fees in addition to this.

If the requested sample is not available to the senior moderator, he or she will withdraw and we will uphold the original moderation decision. You'll remain liable for all associated costs.

We'll let you know the outcome of your EAR request within 40 days of the centre visit.

The original sample per unit/paper across endorsements must be made available for your request to be valid. It is possible to request an EAR on one unit or paper only, but not if your centre has entered for multiple endorsements.

Candidates’ marks may be confirmed, lowered or raised, but we don't require candidates’ consent for this service. You'll also receive a report giving feedback similar to that provided after the original moderation. Please remember not to return work to candidates until after the EAR deadline has passed.  

A level and GCSE Drama 

For A level Drama Unit 2 (6DR02) and GCSE 2009 Drama 5DR03, we will only accept EAR applications if a recording of the performance was supplied to the examiner within 10 working days of the performance. If this wasn't the case, we will cancel and close your EAR request.

DVDs must have been formatted as playable in a domestic DVD player, in line with the requirements in the Administrative Support Guide. 

The standard fee for this review of marking (EAR2) is £55.60 per candidate.

You can also request a copy of the examiner’s notes for GCE Drama Unit 2 (6DR02) via the Access to Scripts (ATS) service. There's a fee for this service.

GCSE and A level Modern Foreign Languages

For A level Modern Foreign Language oral units, we hold recordings sent on CDs/USBs at our processing centre, returning them to centres after the EAR deadline. It will help to speed up the processing of your EAR request if you submit all requests for a particular language at the same time.

For externally moderated GCSE Modern Foreign Language oral components, you must send copies of the original oral recordings on CD/USB to the address below within three days of submitting your EAR request.

Send GCSE Modern Foreign Language tapes for 2A (EAR3) to:

EAR Service 3
Lowton Way (off Denby Way)
Hellaby Industrial Estate
S66 8SS

Label the envelope clearly with:

  • GCSE Modern Foreign Language EAR CD/USB
  • Your centre number
  • The specification and component code, e.g. 5FR02/2A.

If we don't receive your recordings within five days of your request being made, we'll cancel and close the enquiry.

You should include a list of the candidates for whom you're requesting an EAR with the CD/USB.

For GCSE Arabic, Japanese, Greek and Russian, you are not required to send copies of recordings (unless specifically requested by Pearson), as we will already be holding the CDs/USBs at our processing centre.

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