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Find the answers to your questions about OSCA (Online Support for Centre Assessors) for Edexcel DiDA, Applied A level and Functional Skills.  

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The Lead Assessor is the individual who has overall responsibility for the assessment of a paper or set of papers at a centre. Any member of teaching staff can fulfil this role. 

Once you’re accredited as the Lead Assessor at your centre, you won’t need to submit work for moderation, and can have centre coursework or controlled assessment marks accepted for up to three years. 

Accreditation is currently only available for DiDA and GCEs in Applied Subjects.

In addition, we provide reference materials for selected GCSE and GCE subjects so that centres can practise marking and develop an understanding of standards and assessment.

Accreditation can only be achieved through formal moderation. It’s awarded where an examination sample submitted during the moderation window has met specific requirements, provided that the Lead Assessor has registered for OSCA. Find out how to register.

Accreditation takes into account mark coverage and the tolerance range - so even if marks aren’t adjusted during the examination series, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Lead Assessor will attain accreditation.

You can seek accreditation before an exam series based on accurate assessment during the previous exam series if the same Lead Assessor is responsible for conducting the internal standardisation in both.

For formal moderation, we’ll email you notification of accreditation, based on the outcomes of the series, after the exam window. However, you may log in to your OSCA account on Edexcel Online at any time to check your accreditation status. 

Accreditation is awarded within each academic year and will last for the remainder of that academic year and the following two academic years. After this period, you’ll need to become reaccredited. 

For the period of your accreditation, you’ll be able to award marks for a qualification without coursework or controlled assessment being subject to external moderation by Edexcel. However, you may be required to submit a control sample from time to time to support our quality assurance procedures. 

If you fulfil the role of Lead Assessor at your new centre, please contact your centre administrator and request an Edexcel Online account. Once this has been created, please contact us to transfer your accreditation status.

No – you’ll need to ensure you’re registered on the OSCA system as the Lead Assessor at each centre in the consortium, and then contact us to claim accreditation across the consortium centres.

A control sample is a selection of coursework or controlled assessment samples that must be submitted during the examination series, where requested, as part of our quality assurance checks.

If you're selected, we’ll email you and notify you via the Edexcel Online OSCA page just before the moderation window.

If you don’t submit a sample when you’re asked to, your accredited status may be withdrawn and results may be withheld for the applicable moderation window. 

If selected for sampling, you’ll be required to take part in formal moderation procedures. See the accreditation terms and conditions documents at the bottom of this page for more information.

If the control sample is found to be within tolerance and meets the OSCA accreditation criteria, then:

  • the paper will be reaccredited for the full accreditation period from that point onwards
  • the Lead Assessor won’t need to submit a sample for the remainder of the original accreditation period. Once this has passed, they may be required to submit again.

If the control sample is not found to be within the tolerance or does not meet the OSCA accreditation criteria, accreditation will be withdrawn.

Questions specific to Functional Skills

For the purposes of OSCA accreditation, 'Lead Assessor' and 'Lead Internal Verifier' are interchangeable. For more information about the Lead Verifier role, please refer to the 'Handbook for Quality Assurance for Edexcel Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 Speaking, Listening and Communication' on the Functional Skills English page.

No, there’s no EME for Functional Skills, but you still need to register on OSCA, complete training and send a Lead Internal Verifier declaration to the Functional Skills assessment team in order to become accredited. 

You can access training as soon as you register. You’ll need to select the reference material option from the OSCA menu. However, you must be registered for a unit (E101 and/or E201) in order to view the activities.

Reference material is available for Functional Skills English – Speaking, Listening and Communication Level 1 and Level 2.

The online activity presents a recording of each task at each level and is available throughout the academic year.

No. To gain accreditation for Functional Skills you must complete the OSCA Functional Skills training and submit a completed Lead Internal Verifier declaration. 


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