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This page explains how to register for OSCA (Online Support for Centre Assessors) for General Qualifications.  

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Message to OSCA users and Lead Internal Verifiers:

Dear OSCA Users - Registration for OSCA will be available in September 2019. Unfortunately you will not be able to register at present due to an IT issue. We are currently looking into this and we will provide a further update as soon as possible, confirming when you will be able to register and access the standardisation materials for your subject area. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

- BTEC Assessment  (04-09-2019)


If you're a BTEC provider, find out about OSCA for BTEC here.

How do I register for OSCA?

  1. Nominate your centre's Lead Assessor for the appropriate subject and paper. The Lead Assessor is defined as the individual with overall responsibility for the delivery of coursework assessment on a paper or set of papers.
  2. Ensure the Lead Assessor has Edexcel Online access. If they don't, please contact your Edexcel Online administrator – normally your exams officer – who'll be able to create an account for them.
  3. You can access the registration homepage by selecting the relevant qualification and clicking the OSCA menu option. Then, either open a qualification account or add further units to your existing account.

OSCA registration is available from mid-September until the end of July. New registrations or renewals to existing registrations should be completed by late October in order for accreditation to apply to the January examinations.

Remember to register or renew within the academic year for which you want accreditation to apply. 

You must renew your registration each academic year. Log in to Edexcel Online and, under the OSCA menu, select the option 'renew' next to the appropriate subject and paper. Renewing each year confirms that you’re still the Lead Assessor for the registered paper(s).

Registration renewal is available from mid-September each academic year. For more details, see the OSCA key dates page.

Log in to Edexcel Online and, under the OSCA menu, select the appropriate qualification. If you have no current registrations for the selected qualification, the screens will prompt you through the registration process. If you have existing registrations, select 'Make a new registration' at the top of the page.

If someone else at your centre is already registered for that paper, you won’t be able to register. Only one person can be nominated as the Lead Assessor per paper from any one centre.

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