How to use your Assessment Workbook

Learn about BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbooks, which are designed to support you and your assessor in completing your BTEC Apprenticeship.

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Your Assessment Workbook helps you to prove your knowledge, understanding and skills, and identify evidence that will demonstrate your competence and go towards achieving your Apprenticeship.

As you will be submitting your Assessment Workbook to your assessor as evidence for your Apprenticeship, you need to make sure you keep it safe and update it regularly.

Using your Assessment Workbook

The Assessment Workbooks contains a mixture of activities and guidance, which combine assessment criteria from the different qualifications and involve real work activities and sections you should complete and read at each point of your Apprenticeship. Use the activities and guidance to create or collect evidence, and to prepare for observations and professional discussions when your assessor visits you in your workplace.

In the margins of your Assessment Workbook, you will see references to the assessment criteria covered (or partially covered) by each activity. The following abbreviations have been used:

  • NVQ = Level NVQ Diploma
  • BTEC = BTEC Certificate
  • WorkSkills = WorkSkills for Effective Learning and Employment
  • PLTS = Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills

The different activities and information in the Assessment Workbook are broken down as follows:

Knowledge and Understanding Tasks - Complete these tasks to produce evidence of your knowledge and understanding of the different parts of your Apprenticeship

Evidence Gathering - Use this information to identity what you do in your everyday work can form part of the evidence you can submit for your Apprenticeship.

Putting It into Practice - These sections prepare you for observations, when your assessor may want to observe you at work during their visits.

Professional Discussion- Your assessor will carry out, and record, professional discussions with you to check your knowledge, understand and skills.

The supporting website

All BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbooks have an accompanying website, which contains the following additional support for you:

  • Interactive revision activities to help you prepare for onscreen assessment for the BTEC Certificate. (Your assessor will discuss and agree with you if you are going to use this kind of assessment)
  • Electronic copies of the Knowledge and Understanding tasks from the Assessment Workbook that you can complete and save. You may need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to use these. The free software can be downloaded here
  • Practice Functional Skills activities to help you develop your skills and prepare you for the test.

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