In 2017 we rolled out a quality assurance model to all work-based learning providers. For an overview of the changes we made, please watch our video.

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As you are aware, the role of Lead Standards Verifier (LSV) was introduced in 2017. Your LSV will be a single point of contact, offering support for standards verification for your organisation all year round.

The Quality Assurance (QA) model has been designed as a three-way partnership between you, your LSV and Pearson. As your LSV will take a broader view across the WBL Standards Verifiers (SVs) allocated to your centre, they will be able to work with you and the SVs to ensure you are receiving a timely and effective standards verification experience.

This enables us to work together to quality assure certification ahead of claims. Find out more in the 'How does the Work-Based Learning Quality Assurance model work?' document. 

In line with the Quality Assurance model outlined above, some qualifications are also subject to test inspections. More information can be found on the Test Inspection page.

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Top FAQs for the new WBL QA Model 

Qualifications included in the Lead Standards Verifier’s remit include:

  • Level 1 – 7 Pearson Edexcel and Pearson NVQs and competence-based qualifications regulated by Ofqual
  • Pearson Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) regulated by SQA Accreditation
  • BTEC Apprenticeship frameworks (except the Functional skills suite)
  • BTEC Security and Fire qualifications
  • Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and other Apprenticeship Standards Engineering
  • Health and Social Care (including Dementia and End of Life Care)
  • Health and Safety in a Construction Environment and BTEC Level 1 Construction
  • BTEC Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship in Youth Organisations (CiYO)
  • Personal and Social Development
  • BTEC Work Skills
  • BTEC Entry Levels 1–3
  • BTEC Introductory Level 1
  • Cleaning, facilities, and hospitality
  • Goods, warehousing, transport, and logistics
  • Business Admin, Team Leading, Customer Service and Management
  • On programme qualifications for the new apprenticeship standards
  • Standalone BTEC Specialist (where you do not offer BTEC Firsts or Nationals)

If you deliver BTEC Specialist qualifications as part of an apprenticeship or alongside other Work-based Learning qualifications, then your Work-based Learning Lead Standards Verifier will include these within their review.

As this needs to be checked by a Standards Verifier (SV) with the relevant CPD and occupational competence, this will still be checked by the sector-specific SV for that sector.
However, if your Lead Standards Verifier has relevant CPD and occupational competence in that sector, they will look at CVs and staff CDP.

You will be subject to one Lead Standards Verifier activity, with further support throughout the year being provided.

You will be contacted by your sector-specific Standards Verifier to arrange sampling activities. The exact frequency and duration of sector-specific standards verification activities will continue to reflect a centre’s performance, taking account of:

  • number of assessment sites
  • number and throughput of learners
  • number and turnover of assessors
  • number and turnover of internal verifiers.

For qualifications offering a License to Practice such as Security, Childcare, and Health, you will be subject to at least two sampling activities from your sector-specific Standards Verifiers.

Your sector-specific Standards Verifiers will still receive their allocations as normal in October.

If you have learners who require urgent certification, you may let them and your allocated Lead Standards Verifier know directly. Alternatively, you can let us know via the Associate/Customer Portal.