Amy's story

After studying successfully for a Law degree, Amy joined the graduate scheme at Edexcel in London. Read about her university experience - and find out why you should follow your passion when deciding on your degree subject!

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Amy's story

What qualifications did you take at school?

I took A levels in English Language and Literature, Law, History, Geography, and AS level Philosophy.

What did you do after your A levels?

I was determined to be a lawyer, so I decided that the fastest route to this was to do a Law degree. I got into the University of Bristol and did my three-year LLB (Bachelor of Laws) course.

Why did you decide not to do a gap year?

I wanted to become a lawyer ASAP so that I could start earning a lot of money! I didn’t even consider doing a gap year. Sometimes I think that I wasted an opportunity, but then I think that if I really have the urge to go travelling, I’ll do it. 

How did you decide that Bristol was the right place for you?

I applied to Cambridge, and although I got an interview, I was ultimately unsuccessful. I went to the open day at Warwick, which is noted for its law department. However, I didn’t like the fact that it is a campus-based uni, so I decided that Bristol was the one for me. I liked the fact that it’s a city university with lots to do. It isn’t too big and it has a great atmosphere as well as an excellent faculty of Law.

Did you enjoy Law?

No! My passion is history, and I really should have taken that! Although I did well in my degree, I found it incredibly dull, and forcing yourself to learn about something that you’re not interested in is the most difficult thing to do in the world. So if I did it again, I would take history without hesitation.

Did you enjoy the university experience?

Yes! They really are the best years of your life. I made such amazing friends and had a great social life. I joined the fencing society and riding club; I was also on the Law Spring Ball committee 2010, and had the joint responsibility of organising the best ball to date. We had a three-course meal, fairground rides, popcorn and candyfloss machines, an amazing DJ, fireworks... It really was so much fun.

What do you miss the most?

All my friends! I miss being able to sleep in now that I have a job. I also miss the balls that we had, where it was always so great to see everyone dressed up and having a great time.

How did you manage financially at uni?

I had a loan, but by my third year I decided that I needed to work while doing my degree, so I got a job at Superdry and worked at the weekends. I did this for about four months, but didn’t enjoy it. Although it was nice to have the money, I found juggling a degree and a job very hard, especially as my finals were looming. Nonetheless, if you can afford the time, I would definitely recommend getting a part-time job.

What did you decide to do after university?

It was a worry for everyone in their final year. None of us knew where we were going to end up. Lots of my friends were applying for internships, training contracts and jobs, but I decided to concentrate on my finals and then job hunt afterwards. I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go.

I looked on, which is an excellent website for graduate jobs/opportunities. On there I saw an advertisement for a graduate scheme at Edexcel in London. I decided to apply for it and was successful!