Certificate services Costs, cancellations and refunds

Find information on the costs of our services and our refund and cancellations policy.

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Most of the cost of providing our services goes into locating your results. In addition, the documents we produce are official, much like a driving licence or passport, which there is also a cost for producing. 

Why can’t we confirm we have your results before you make an application? 

We cannot provide confirmation on whether or not we hold your results before you’ve made an application. We need the information requested in our online form in order to do a thorough search of our records and, even if we do not hold your results, there is a cost associated with the administration and the time spent searching for your records on our systems. 


Please note: We have recently updated our payment system and this may cause a slight delay in the processing of refunds.

We only give a partial refund of £20 (plus courier fees where applicable) if we do not hold your results. The refund is made to the card used to make payment (if the refund is made within six months). Debit/credit card details are deleted from the payment module after six months, so any refunds made after this time may take longer to process and we may use an alternative method.

The fee for fast-tracking an application is non-refundable.

No refund is possible if the results are not suitable (in format or content) for your purposes.

Refunds for third parties 

If you are applying as a third party (with the appropriate consent), in respect of any candidate’s results, then a refund will only be made if we make an error when providing services to you.


If you decide that you no longer want us to process your application, please contact us as soon as possible. Once we’ve begun processing your application, we'll only issue a partial refund of £20 (plus any courier fees) if you decide you no longer require the service.

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