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Subject update | 2 August 2022

BTEC results day update

This results days update for BTEC Level 2 and BTEC Level 3 in Travel and Tourism provides access to information and guidance that you may need over the results period and into the Autumn term. 

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Obtaining results via Edexcel Online

External assessments results from the Summer 2022 series will be issued on the following dates:

Date Event
17 August 2022 BTEC Level 3 results available to centres
18 August 2022 BTEC Level 3 results released to candidates
24 August 2022 BTEC Level 1/2 results available to centres
25 August 2022 BTEC Level 1/2 results released to candidates

You can access results through Edexcel Online.

You can also access completed SV reports via Edexcel Online. We have produced a short video showing how to access your SV report.

Result day support and FAQs

You will find answers to the most frequently-asked questions for Results Day 2022. We have also updated our learner webpage with information that your students may need and have a student FAQs page.

Help and support for students and parents is available via phone on 0345 618 0440 if required.

Setting Standards in BTEC

As you will be aware, we have previously shared guidance on how we will return to normal aggregation this academic year, meaning that the summation of unit grades will determine the qualification outcome. We have now updated both our guide for centres and our guidance for students on the expected approaches to standards setting in 2022, to include additional information on how grade boundaries for external assessment have been set this year.

View our BTEC guide for centres

View our BTEC guide for students

Grade boundaries for External Assessments in Summer 2022

A group of subject matter and technical assessment experts set new grade boundaries after each external assessment has taken place. They review a range of evidence (both qualitative and quantitative) to ensure that there is fairness, validity and robustness in the grade boundaries recommended.

The types of evidence included are:

  • Review of the work produced by learners
  • The difficulty of the assessment compared to previous assessments
  • A range of statistical evidence including how learners completing the assessment have performed compared to previous years
  • The impact of unit grades, for all learners, on the overall qualification grade. (These BTEC national unit grades include UTAGs from the last academic year and streamlined internal assessment)

Our aim is to have parity at qualification-level for learners as far as possible, so whilst you may hear about grade boundaries for GCSEs and A levels, this is used to describe reaching decisions on the entire qualification outcome. For BTECs, grade boundary decisions are only made for external assessments which, as you’re aware, make up a smaller proportion of the entire qualification (around 40%). This means, in order to support achieving parity, we consider how the unit-level grade boundaries for BTEC external assessments combine with internally assessed unit outcomes, to create the overall qualification grade.

Please note, that the raw mark grade boundaries change from series to series. We provide raw marks to points calculators for each exam series to confirm how the raw marks are converted to points.

BTEC Grade Calculators

BTECs are modular qualifications, meaning multiple unit grades must be submitted by centres for certificating learners by 5 July 2022, and exam results achieved, in order to meet ‘eligibility’ requirements. These requirements are always outlined in the specification, and you can confirm you have the required units, and unit grades to achieve a qualification outcome using our BTEC Grade Calculators.

Unit-level Teacher Assessed Grades

Q-TAGs will not form part of qualification results this academic year. We required centres to submit all Unit-level Teacher Assessed Grades (U-TAGs) for learners with affected assessment (‘reduced’/due but not assessed in 2020/2021) during the Autumn term using the 'Teacher Guidance for U-TAG' document below.

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As outlined from page 8 in the BTEC 21/22 guidance below, U-TAGs have been awarded a ‘midpoint’ score - please consider this score if you are using the BTEC Calculator.

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Streamlined internal assessment grades

We also required centres to submit ‘streamlined assessment’ grade for internal units where this adaptation has been used as described on page 20 of the guidance below. Please note, these unit grades will not appear any differently on the Notification of Performance; the streamlined ‘flag’ is required for our own records and reporting processes.

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Analysing results using ResultsPlus

ResultsPlus is a free online results analysis tool for teachers that can help you analyse your learners' performance in the externally assessed units. You can find more information and how to login by visiting our ResultsPlus support page. To access ResultsPlus you will need the correct permission on your Edexcel Online account.

Access to scripts

After the results are published in August, centres will be able to view and download scripts which have been marked online free of charge from our self-service portal via Edexcel Online.

Customers should save and/or print any scripts they need for teaching and learning purposes before the deadline(to be confirmed but is usually in December).

Scripts do not have examiner annotation on them. The marked script allows teachers to evaluate how the student performed on particular questions in relation to what they have been taught; the Principal Examiner's report and the exemplars that we make available demonstrate how the mark scheme is applied.

If scripts have been marked 'traditionally' (i.e. not online), centres will have to request them via the Post Results section of Edexcel Online as in previous exam series.

These scripts will also be free of charge, but the final dates to request them are the same as the published JCQ Access to Scripts deadlines.

Visit the Access to scripts pages

Review of marking and moderation (RoMM)

If you're a centre with a concern about a student's results, you can use our post-results services. We have details about these services and their cost online.

Visit the RoMM pages

Post results fees

Details of the fees for post results services from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2023 are now online.

Visit the post results fees page


For BTEC results for May/June 2022 external assessments, the appeals process that is detailed in the JCQ Guide to Awarding Bodies’ Appeals Processes (June 2022) will apply.

View JCQ Guide to Awarding Bodies' Appeals Processes

To supplement the JCQ Guide to Awarding Bodies’ Appeals Processes (June 2022), our BTEC Appeals Guidance Summer 2022 provides a summary of the appeals process for the May/June 2022 external assessments and information on where the BTEC appeals process will differ from the arrangements detailed in the JCQ document.

View our BTEC Appeals guidance document

In addition, we have designed a handy infographic which walks you through the BTEC Appeals process for May/June 2022 examinations, which we hope you find a useful summary.

View our infographic on BTEC Appeals

In addition, we have produced a Review of Marking and Appeals guidance for BTEC students, which details your learners’ next steps if they are not happy with their result- please share this with them if needed.

View our Review of Marking and Appeals guidance for BTEC students

2022/23 Assessment

The framework that allowed adapaptations and streamlined assessment will come to an end at the end of the current academic year. Therefore, assessments taken in 2022/23 will return to normal requirements and there will be no option to streamline units or use the adaptations to evidence. You should plan for all assessments to take place next academic year, but the situation will be monitored.

Keeping up-to-date

We send out regular Vocational Qualification Bulletins to keep centres informed of our support and services. You can sign up to these and also read previous bulletins on our website.


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