In addition to the 9-1 International GCSE Chinese, French, German and Spanish specifications, oral examination training guide, ‘Getting started’ teacher guide and the ‘Speaking test information all in one place’ feature for all language qualifications, a Languages Subject Advisor support briefing has now been produced.

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This support briefing takes the form of a ‘slides presentation’ video and considers important aspects of the speaking test including a comprehensive overview of the different tasks, topics, timings, key requirements and related guidance. It also focuses on the conduct and administration of the examination and refers to other key support.

You will need to follow the prescribed sequences that appear in the padlocked randomisation grids for Chinese, French, German and Spanish and may wish to refer to a recording checklist that I have put together.

Access recording zip file (MP4/79MB)

Download a copy of Languages Advisor briefing video (PDF)

Download the International GCSE recordings checklist (PDF)