Subject update | 1 September 2022

September 2022 Esports update

Welcome to the new year and the September update!

A new digital teaching resource (Esports+) has been launched to support the BTEC Nationals and you can find out more below.

There is also a new Getting Started Guide, blogs about Unit 4 and Rocket League and confirmation from Ofqual about the assessment arrangements for 2022-2023.

We hope that the start of term goes well.

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Esports+ (a new digital teaching resource)

BTEC Esports+ is a new digital resource tailored to support learners who are studying the BTEC Nationals in Esports.

With content developed with the British Esports Federation, the resources are simple, modular, and reusable.

This online resource can give your learners knowledge, understanding, and skills to cover the learning hours of the initial units of the esports qualifications.

Units available

  • Introduction to Esports (mapped to Unit 1)
  • Esports Skills, Team Strategies and In-Game Analysis (mapped to Unit 2)

We also have some sample content from Unit 1.

BTEC Nationals Unit 4

Blog: 10 ways players can improve their health, wellbeing and performance.

There are many benefits that esports can provide for individuals, but how can players maximise their potential?

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News from British Esports

There is an interview with two Rocket League players and a piece on esports programmes in US schools.

Read the Rocket League interviews

Read about esports in US schools

A Getting Started Guide

Nik Turner has written this guide to help you get started in delivering a BTEC qualification in Esports.

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BTEC Assessment 2022-2023

Last month, Ofqual confirmed the subject content and assessment arrangements for qualifications in the following academic year (2022/23).

They confirmed that:

“For other qualifications, including vocational and technical qualifications taught alongside or instead of GCSEs, AS and A levels, a range of adaptations were permitted in academic year 2021 to 2022. […] Given that public health restrictions are no longer in place, these adaptations are no longer necessary for the academic year 2022 to 2023 onwards.”

This means our main adaptation of streamlined assessment will not be available in 2022/23, so you should plan to teach and assess the BTEC qualifications as normal.

Ofqual: Subject content and assessment arrnagements 2022-2023


The future of Level 3

In November 2021, the Secretary of State for Education, announced that the original implementation timetable will be set back by one year.

This means that the phased removal of funding for BTECs that overlap with T Levels, and the phased introduction of the new Level 3 ‘Academic’ and ‘Technical’ qualifications will start from 2024/25 rather than 2023/24.

Please be reassured that

  • you can continue to teach your BTECs with confidence in 2022/23 and 2023/24 and only some BTEC qualifications will be affected in 2024/25
  • learners will be funded until completion for any courses they start.

We are working through the implications for each of our BTEC qualifications in all sector suites and we will update all our centres where there are any changes to content, availability, and funding for BTECs.

You can find out more in the document below.



Go to the delivery support page

Here you will find links to delivery guides including advice for 2021-2022, past training content, guidance on resources, how to keep up to date with BTEC, and the benefits of Esports to learners.

Go to the assessment support page

Here you will find links to assignment briefs, the Assignment Checking Service, quality assurance guides and information about streamlined assessment for 2021-2022.


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