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Subject update | 18 April 2023

Education and Training update - April 2023

An update on everything new within the Education and Training sector.

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We have reviewed the existing Quality Assurance requirements for the Award, Certificate and Diploma in Education and Training to our high-risk category. 

This will enable us to provide your centre and learners with additional support, to ensure standards for the qualifications are met, and certification remains safe and reliable. 

From immediate effect, this means that: 

  • Any newly approved programmes for this academic year (2022-23) will receive: 
    • 2x Lead Standards Verifier (LSV) activities per year (the initial LSV activity and risk rating will be face-to-face, and the final risk rating will take place remotely).  
    • 2x Standards Verifier (SV) activities (usually taking place remotely, unless a face-to-face visit is required, based on risk). The SV will ensure requirements for assessment observations in the workplace, as detailed within the specification, have been met. 
  • All existing programmes will receive: 
    • 2x LSV remote activities 
    • 1x SV remote activity 
    • Additional SV activities will be triggered where the LSV risk rating is medium or high 
  • Additional SV activities (either remote or face-to-face) may also be triggered based on: 
    • Registrations increase 
    • Risks raised by SVs, LSVs, centres, external stakeholders, or any other intelligence received (e.g. Ofsted reports) 

Please note that Pearson reserves the right to remove certification, and/or registration (Level 3a or 3b sanction as per the Work-based Learning Delivery Guidance & Quality Assurance Requirements) for programmes where there are significant concerns. 

As always, our approach to quality assurance is reviewed annually (as a minimum). Any further changes will be communicated to you as required. Your allocated Standards Verifier and Lead Standards Verifier will also receive a copy of this communication.  

For additional information please see the quality assurance handbooks available on our webpage, which have been updated with these changes: Quality AssuranceWork-based Learning (WBL)


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