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Subject update | 18 December 2019

Summer 2020 Business exams

The summer 2020 exam series for GCE and GCSE Business students takes place over May and June.

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GCSE Business

Date Unit code Unit title
15 May p.m. 1BS0 01 Investigating Small Business
21 May p.m. 1BS0 02 Building a Business  

International GCSE Business

Date Unit code Unit title
21 May p.m. 4BS1 01 Investigating small businesses
2 June p.m. 4BS1 02 Investigating large businesses

GCE Business

Date Unit code Unit title
15 May p.m. 8BS0 01 AS Paper 1: Marketing and People
21 May p.m. 8BS0 02 AS Paper 2: Managing business activities
22 May a.m. 9BS0 01 AL Paper 1: Marketing, people and global businesses
1 June p.m. 9BS0 02 AL Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy
5 June a.m. 9BS0 03 AL Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment

IAL Business Studies (2013)

Date Unit code Unit title
21 May p.m. WBS03 Unit 3: Strategic Business Decisions
1 June p.m. WBS04 Unit 4: Business in a Global Context

This is the last exam series for IAL Business Studies (2013).

IAL Business (2018)

Date Unit code Unit title
4 May p.m. WBS11 Unit 1: Marketing and People
15 May p.m. WBS12 Unit 2: Managing Business Activities
21 May p.m. WBS13 Unit 3: Business decisions and strategy
1 June p.m. WBS14 Unit 4: Global business

Please note that Unit 4 of the new specification is available for the first time in this exam series.  The code is WBS14.

International GCSE Commerce

Date Unit code Unit title
5 May p.m. 4CM1 01 Commercial operations and associated risks
13 May p.m. 4CM1 02 Facilitating commercial operations

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