On this page you'll find a range of training and admin support resources to help you deliver T Levels. Bookmark this page to keep up-to-date with latest information and events.

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Admin support

We've included below a list of resources to help you deliver T Levels qualifications. 

In addition to these we also run regular training events - details about these are listed in the Training section further down this page.


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We have produced a selection of videos to help you with the administration of our T Level Technical Qualifications.  These include topics such as Assessment Scheduling, Assessment, Results and Resits, Key Dates Schedule, and Provider Approval. 

We will continue to add content to this section so please check back regularly for the latest information.


We offer a range of training and network events for our T Levels including, getting ready to teach training sessions, Q&A network sessions with product managers and subject advisors.

We also provide on-demand briefings helping you to get to know the T Level technical qualification specifications, and our training archive means you can watch recordings after the event as a reminder or in case you were unable to attend.

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Network events

These sessions give you the opportunity to receive updates, network together, and share best practice, which has proved valuable for new Providers when speaking to those who have delivered from 2020.

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Live training events

There is an expectation delegates will have watched the ‘Getting to know the specification’ briefing prior to attending this event as an overview of the TQ structure and specification will not be covered.

These live sessions will take you through:

  1. Planning your programme 
  2. Reviewing elements of the content and practical ways it can be delivered
  3. Signposting the ongoing support available to you.

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This free event is designed to give you an understanding of the approach to assessments.

Ahead of atending this session, it would be useful to view the Specimen Assessment Materials (SAM) and  Additional Specimen Assessment Materials (AdSAM).

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On-demand training

These on-demand briefings help you get to know the specification and include:  

Generic Introduction: Includes where to locate the specification, an overview of the contents, and key areas to pay attention to.  

Core: An overview of the Core Component and its assessments, how to read the specification, high-level content of the exams, and how the ESP is structured and scheduled.  

Occupational Specialist Component: An overview of the Occupational Specialist Component and assessment, how to read the specification, how the OS project is structured and scheduled. 



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