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Find out about the resources that are available to help you deliver Money and Finance Skills, including those developed in conjunction with our partners, Nationwide, and details of websites relevant to money and finance themes. 

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Nationwide Education

Nationwide Education is a free online resource aimed at developing the life skills of children and young people aged 4 to 18-plus in the vital areas of financial capability, sustainability and safety.

The multi-award-winning programmes are vibrant, highly stimulating learning tools for use on interactive whiteboards and PCs in school or at home. They incorporate interactive quizzes and activities, fact sheets, work sheets, case studies and glossaries.

The website contains dedicated guidance for teachers, with tips, curriculum links, extension suggestions and advice on how to use Nationwide Education to add maximum value to their work. All resources are quick and easy to use, yet comprehensive and flexible enough to adapt to all students’ needs. 
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The Financial Capability resources help students build confidence and competence in a range of areas such as budgeting, careers, currency, financial documents, saving, investing and assessing risk – everything they need to know to lead the life they want. See the financial capability resources

Student logbooks

To help your students complete the course, we have developed free student logbooks, one for each level. These writable pdfs can be saved into the learner’s individual file area and completed in their own time, or printed out and kept in a folder. They’re ideal for teaching mixed-ability classes as they allow tutors to design whole-class activities for which learners can complete either the Level 1 or the Level 2 logbook.

NatWest MoneySense mapping

The qualifications have been written in conjunction with Nationwide Education resources, and the student logbooks above exactly match the specification. For schools that are following the NatWest / RBS MoneySense programme, we have also mapped these resources to the specification. Tutors will, however, need to write additional assignments to fully satisfy the assessment criteria, as most MoneySense activities only partly match, as shown by the mapping document below.


We’ve carefully selected some other websites that deal with the themes covered in this qualification. Please note we can’t be held responsible for the content on these websites and the links remaining active. If you do find any inappropriate content or inactive links, please let us know at myskills@edexcel.com.