LCCI in financial and quantitative Computerised Accounting Skills

Our international LCCI Level 3 Award in Computerised Accounting Skills helps learners develop their ability to manage a computerised accounting system to provide management information. Students will learn to process non-routine accounting transactions and print and analyse reports such as the profit and loss and balance sheet. This qualification is suitable for those working or intending to work in advanced accounting roles.

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This qualification is being withdrawn and has a final assessment date of 31 December 2021. At present, this qualification will not be replaced.

As this qualification is a core component for the Level 3 Diploma in Computerised Accounting, please ensure that if you would like to claim for this Diploma, you must have taken this exam by 31 December 2021. The normal 24-month period to claim a Diploma will still apply. For further details regarding diplomas, please see the LCCI Information Manual.



LCCI Level 3 Award in Computerised Accounting Skills syllabus
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Qualification type:
Qualification title:
Pearson LCCI Level 3 Award in Computerised Accounting Skills
Level 3
Accreditation status:
Guided Learning Hours (GLH):
Subject suite:
Financial and Quantitative
Specification codes:
Qualification number (QN):
International only
Assessment availability:
On demand
First teaching:
Final assessment:
On demand 31 December 2021
Last registration:
  • Fri Nov 05 16:46:04 UTC 2021
Final certification:
  • Thu Jun 30 16:24:00 UTC 2022
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