LCCI in financial and quantitative Cost Accounting (2010)

Access to past paper exam materials

Qualification news | 19 September 2018

We've added past paper materials to the LCCI website.

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To allow easier access to past paper materials, only materials from the last year will remain padlocked on your secure website. To access these you will need your usual log-in and password details, obtainable from your Exams Officer or whoever administers your exams.

We will continue to keep the previous year’s materials padlocked so that you will be able to use these materials for mock assessments etc.

As soon as the results from a particular exam series have gone through the awarding process, the corresponding series from the previous year will be transferred to our website. For example, for L2 Bookkeeping and Accounting you will see that there are exam materials relating to six series in 2016 and the January series for 2017.

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