International Lower Secondary Curriculum (2011)

This curriculum and qualification will last be examined in June 2019.

Accessing the full programme for iLowerSecondary

Only centres that have subscribed to iLowerSecondary will be able to access and deliver the full programme. If you are not an iLowerSecondary and would like find out more then complete our Expression of Interest form.


Designed specifically for international schools, our Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum caters for pupils in Years 7 to 9 (ages 12-14) and is available for English, mathematics and science.

Based on the UK national curriculum Key Stage 3, it gives pupils a well-rounded education while giving teachers an easy-to-implement framework and way of monitoring pupil progress.

How it works

The Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum is a comprehensive framework that includes sample units, schemes of work, end-of-unit tests and mark schemes. The curriculum framework is delivered with the help of a specification and sample assessment materials (SAMs), and assessed through Progress and Achievement Tests.

  • Progress Tests are available for you to order (see details below) to help you monitor your pupils’ progress. These are internally marked.

  • At the end of Year 9, pupils take an Achievement Test which provides certification. This is externally marked by Pearson.

International Lower Secondary Curriculum framework

When you order the Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum, your school will receive a framework which includes:

A curriculum framework is provided for English, mathematics and science, consisting of schemes of work with outline units. Find out how to order the Curriculum. 

45 sample units across English, mathematics and science

Sample units consist of a variety of activities, together with links to teaching resources, unit tests and mark schemes.Teachers can use the unit tests to compare pupil performance and identify areas for improvement or as a template for their own assessment design. Six detailed sample units will be provided per year for both English and mathematics, and 3 detailed units per year for science.

The International Lower Secondary Curriculum is flexible, so units are not mandatory - they can be taught alongside your centre’s existing content or chosen according to what is best for your pupils. However, you can save valuable time by teaching our units directly from the detailed specifications.

Take a look at the free sample materials to see just how straightforward they could make lessons: 

Sample units

Schemes of work

Sample Year 9 Achievement Tests are also available to give you a flavour of the assessments. See below for more details.  

All centres new to the Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum receive a free, one-day training course. (Note that this is not subject-specific.) A full list of training dates is provided when you register. 

Specifications and Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs)

Specifications and SAMs are available to support the Year 9 achievement tests for the International Lower Secondary Curriculum in English, Mathematics and Science.

They contain more comprehensive details of what you need to cover in your teaching and provide a deeper understanding of the curriculum, including all learning objectives for each unit.

See the specification and sample assessment materials for:

Progress and Achievement Tests

Progress Tests help you track your pupils’ progress through the curriculum, while Achievement Tests enable your students to gain internationally recognised certification of their achievement.

You can use ResultsPlus, our free online results analysis service, to view a breakdown of student performance in the Achievement Tests and benchmark it against international averages. Learn more about ResultsPlus.

Designed to be taken at the end of Year 9, the International Lower Secondary Curriculum Achievement Tests give pupils a clear record of achievement to use when progressing to International GCSE or equivalent. Externally marked by Pearson, these tests comply with rigorous global standards and provide certification at the end of Year 9.

To help you prepare your students for the examinations, a set of specimen Year 9 Achievement Tests (‘sample assessment materials’) is available plus past question papers.

For guidance on how to enter candidates for the Achievement Tests, see the international information manual.

Sample assessment materials

Past question papers

Seamless progression towards International GCSE

The Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum offers seamless progression for your pupils to International GCSE.

Teaching support

We have a comprehensive support package to help you implement the Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum with ease and confidence.

Free teaching resources

To help you deliver the curriculum and prepare your pupils for assessment, we provide free teaching resources including:

  • Sample schemes of work
  • Sample units
  • Specifications and SAMs
  • Past papers
  • Examiner reports

You'll find all of these in the course materials for English, maths and science.

Training programmes

  • Free one-day training course. When you order the Curriculum, you will receive a one-day (non-subject-specific) training course. We’ll provide more details when you register.
  • Extra training: We offer a range of online and face-to-face training events in case you’re looking for extra subject-specific training courses, or training for your exams officer.

See how we can meet your training needs – visit our Training from Pearson page.

Your Regional Development Office will manage your school account and can answer any queries you may have. Contact your local office now.

Note: The Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum is only available to centres based outside the UK.