Teaching support

Find out about the tools and support available to help you start teaching Edexcel’s GCSEs in science with confidence.

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Course planning

If you want a quick idea of the length of time required to teach our Edexcel GCSEs, our course planners show you how you could fit in all the work needed in time. It’s easy to use, and designed to help you with your early planning.
Our plans:

  • are made up of a list of one-hour lessons (see our free lesson plans for more)
  • divide the course up into chunks 
  • give you an idea of the amount of material you need to cover in each term.

When you’ve planned how you'd fit it all in the time required, we've got free schemes of work, lesson plans and much more to get you going.

You’ll find all these documents in the course materials. 

Exam preparation

You’ll find plenty of revision materials to help your students get exam-ready in the course materials.

In addition, our free examWizard tool allows you to select questions from all our past papers and put together papers for mocks. Find out more at www.examwizard.co.uk.

Controlled assessment support

We’ve got sample controlled assessments and detailed marking guidance to help you prepare for controlled assessments. You’ll find them in the course materials.

Our consultancy service is designed to help teachers apply the assessment criteria for controlled assessment tasks.

Subject advisor support

Our Science subject advisor team is on hand to ensure that help and advice is available when you need it. You'll find contact details on the specification page.