Rich feedback for Functional Skills - understand results, target improvements

Rich feedback is our free new service that gives you behind-the-grade insight into your learners' performance on our Functional Skills English and maths tests.

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If you run Functional Skills tests at your centre, you can now receive reports on the performance of each cohort and student, direct to your inbox.

Rich feedback is available for Onscreen tests for:

  • Functional Skills English, Levels 1 and 2
  • Functional Skills Mathematics, Levels 1 and 2

Identify areas of weakness, for students and cohorts as a whole

Is area and proportion the difference between a pass and a fail for an individual learner? Is your whole Level 1 English class struggling with spelling, punctuation and grammar? With reports at both the cohort and individual level, and answers scores broken down concept-by-concept, you’ll soon know.

Develop individual learning plans

With student-by-student breakdowns of their strengths and weaknesses, you can develop tailored individual learning plans and increase their chances of passing at the next attempt.

(And if you need help planning learners programmes from first registration, see our Initial Assessment Tool.)

Identify strengths and weaknesses of current delivery

Through the cohort analysis report, you’ll also be able to see if below-expectations performance is part of a wider trend, and whether it’s isolated to specific parts of the curriculum or generalised across the whole subject. Using the evidence of rich feedback reports you can share best practice and plan improvements across your team.

Easy sign-up, free to any registered tutor or assessor

Signing-up is easy: if your centre is approved for Functional Skills all you need is an email that’s registered with either Edexcel Online or QMA. If your email address isn’t currently registered with one of these services, your exams officer can set-up an account for you.

Sign-up today - it's free.