Edexcel AS and A level Economics A (2015)

Here, you'll find everything you need to prepare for the changes to Edexcel AS and A level Economics A from 2015 (first assessment 2016 and 2017). 

Top marks for Summer 2017 marking

Qualification news | 18 January 2018

99.2% of our grades were accurate on results day 

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It won’t surprise you to know that behind the scenes our teams of experts are working tirelessly to deliver high quality, accessible assessments to you and your students.

It may surprise you to know Pearson had fewer GCSE and A level grades challenged and subsequently changed in 2017 than any other major exam board, giving you even more confidence and trust in the results your students receive from us.

The Ofqual Summer 2017 Exam Series Report, across all exam boards, says that 'the data suggests that Pearson was more successful than the others at embedding the rules for reviews of marking'. 

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