Digital Applications (CiDA/DiDA) Edexcel Level 2 Digital Applications (CiDA) (2012)

Moving from ECDL at Key Stage 4?

Qualification news | 11 April 2017

Moving from ECDL at Key Stage 4? Take a look at our Level 2 Certificate in Digital Applications, which gives you the support you need and an assessment model you’ll recognise.

Here are three reasons moving to Level 2 CiDA could be right for you: 

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It's included on 2018 and 2019 performance measures

Level 2 CiDA is included on the Key Stage 4 List for 2018 and 2019 results, which means you can move to CiDA now confident your students’ achievements will be recognised in performance measures.

Our Certificate in Digital Applications is designed to engage and enthuse young people about digital industries including graphics, interactive multimedia products and computer games. ​The DfE's has published the 2018 and 2019 Lists and Level 2 CiDA is on both.

An assessment style you'll recognise

Level 2 CiDA is similar in assessment style to our legacy Edexcel GCSE ICT, which means you can be confident in making the change in a short time.

Our CiDA Level 2 optional unit is 75% of the qualification and is internally assessed and externally moderated, which is similar to the Edexcel GCSE ICT Unit 2 where 60% of the qualification was internally assessed and externally moderated. Both qualifications share really well designed scenario projects delivered via a clear web interface (CAB at GCSE and SPB in CiDA). Both qualifications also have fixed assessment criteria that are not dependant upon scenario.

Support to switch

You’ll have lots of free support ​to help you make the move - and Tim Brady, our ICT subject advisor, is always on hand to help. Please see his contact details at the bottom of the page. 

​We have a range of support available online now to help you get started teaching this qualification, including sample assessment materials and exemplars, past papers, and assessment guidance. We will also be producing a qualification overview and a getting started guide to help you deliver the qualification. You can also attend one of our Getting Ready to Teach CiDA events, which will be running in June, allowing you to get to grips with the materials and meet other teachers also teaching CiDA for the first time.

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