Developing a foundation in IT skills at Key Stage 4

Surprisingly, despite secondary school students’ constant exposure to technology, there is a gap between their knowledge upon finishing their studies and the skills employers are looking for. The need for a foundation in Information Technology skills has never been greater.

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How can schools ensure their learners have the IT know-how they need to progress? The Level 1/Level 2 BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology is a practical vocational qualification that not only provides a broad overview of the IT skills learners need to progress to Key Stage 5/Level 3 but will also help them decide on the avenues they’d like to explore once they start to think about their future career.

Over 40 ways to teach Digital Information Technology

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This BTEC covers relevant and modern content including: 

  • user Interface design and project planning techniques 
  • collecting, presenting and interpreting data 
  • cyber security and effective digital working practices. 

Explore what you can teach and some fun lesson plans to deliver it with our guide. We've worked with IT teachers to create a resource packed with ideas on how to deliver this BTEC.


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