HN Online offers all the tools and support you need to deliver a flexible blended course, using a mixture of online and face-to-face classroom learning. The first one available is our BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business (RQF).

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Why HN Online?

In order to support our colleges with widening access and providing students with a more flexible way of learning, we have developed HN Online, a new and exciting product that allows you to deliver core qualification content both online and within the classroom. Students can study all critical course content via a self-paced online course. This enables you to focus on high value face-to-face teaching and assignment support.

You can be confident that rigorous learning design principals have been applied throughout the online course and that all content aligns to the learning outcomes of the BTEC Higher Nationals.

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HN Online - Walk-through

How HN Online will help you

Widen access: HN Online will make learning accessible to students who cannot attend a full face-to-face course, allowing you to appeal to a broader mix of students.

Improve student engagement: To help students learn without becoming overwhelmed, all content is segmented into manageable pieces. HN Online is built around a diverse range of learning tools, including video case studies, interactive exercises and self-assessment questions.

Save time: Creating online resources in-house requires a considerable investment of staff time, particularly if you do not have learning design expertise in your college. HN Online offers you a high-quality resource, aligning to all BTEC HNC learning outcomes, that easily integrates into your VLE.

Make effective interventions: You have access to all student data through a performance dashboard. Student activity and formative assessments can be easily tracked, and used to highlight where students are struggling.

Deliver high value face-to-face teaching and assignment support: Using HN Online to deliver core course content enables you to build on that knowledge in your face-to-face teaching time, questioning around tricky concepts, instigating debates and offering help where it’s needed most.

How to create a better experience for HN students

Make it flexible: Whether your students study full or part-time, they can access core course content at any time, allowing them to fit their studies around other commitments.

Make it active: Research indicates that active and constructive engagement with concepts results in a higher impact on learning than passive engagement alone. When students can read a little, then do a little, they are better equipped to both understand and remember what they’re learning. The interactive exercises and self-assessment questions throughout HN Online enable students to actively engage with the key concepts.

Make it personal: Students are guided through the course based on their individual understanding of the content; they receive extra help when they need it and can learn effectively at their own pace.

BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC)

Core/optional Unit title Credits

1 Business and the Business Environment



2 Marketing Essentials


3 Human Resource Management


4 Management and Operations


5 Management Accounting


6 Managing a Successful Business Project (Pearson-set)


9 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management


10 Financial Accounting


BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND)

Core/optional Unit title Credits Pathway
Core 11 Research Project (Pearson-set) 30 All
Core 12 Organisational Behaviour 15 All
Mandatory (Specialist) 16 Operations and Project Management 15 Business Management
Mandatory (Specialist) 17 Understanding and Leading Change 15 Business Management
Optional 18 Global Business Environment 15 Business Management
Optional 32 Business Strategy 15 Business Management
Optional 33 Business IT Systems 15 Business Management
Optional 36 Human Resources - Value and Contribution to Organisational Success 15 Business Management
Optional 42 Planning for Growth 15 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Training and support

We will fully support you with your training needs, both with product functionality and the move to teaching using a blended model of face to face and online delivery. We offer regional training sessions, and where necessary, individual college training. HN Online integrates into your VLE so that you and your students can access the course quickly.

Please note: Centres will need to have programme approval to deliver the BTEC Higher Nationals in Business (RQF). If centres do not have programme approval, they can request an application form.