Our regular blog, Insight, looks at developments in the apprenticeships and work-based learning sector.

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From Mum to Manager - how apprenticeships transformed the career of one work returner

18 October 2018

Toni Pitts was a work returner with a young child when she started working for Pearson in 2007. With only a handful of formal qualifications she was looking for extra income that fitted in with looking after her young son James on a term-time only basis.

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The Reform of Functional Skills

28 September 2018

Welcome to an update on the reform of Functional Skills English and maths. In this blog we will be looking at the background that led to the recent reforms and our approach to it.

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The role of apprenticeships in redesigning the jobs of tomorrow

24 September 2018

How we define occupations is no longer fixed and new jobs are emerging at a quicker rate than ever before - largely due to the impact of technology.

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An apprentice marketing apprenticeships part 2 - what I've learned so far

8 August 2018

In her regular blog, Pearson Marketing apprentice Lauren Smithers talks about her apprenticeship experience. This week she reflects on what she has learned so far and gives advice to other apprentices on how to manage those crucial first months on the job.

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The apprentice perspective on 20% off-the-job training

11 June 2018

With 20% off-the-job training now a mandatory part of the apprenticeship process, employers are navigating the new rules, hopefully for a great cause: skilled employees, long-term development, increased productivity and higher retention rates.

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Why levy paying businesses need a hero (and why he's* gotta be quick)

10 April 2018

The introduction of the apprenticeship levy has forced many big employers into a crisis of sorts over their recruitment programmes.

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2017: The year in apprenticeships (part two)

17 January 2018

Part two of our review of the year in apprenticeships.

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2017: The year in apprenticeships (part one)

6 January 2018

Across two parts, we will explore the big themes and issues that emerged in 2017 in the apprenticeship world and also attempt some crystal ball gazing for 2018.

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