Security update - August 2022 | Pearson qualifications

Security update - August 2022

17 August 2022
An update on everything new within the Security and Protective Services sector.
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Notification of Centre Details to the SIA 

As you may know, the SIA have a ‘Search for a Training Provider’ function on their website. This is a list of approved Security centres, with contact details, that is provided by each Awarding Organisation: 

SIA | Search for a Training Provider

It is aimed at learners wanting to find a training provider to do a licence-linked qualification with. 

We have previously operated an ‘opt-in’ service, whereby centres that want Pearson to provide their details to the SIA complete a form, giving their consent for us to share their details and for the SIA to publish the details on their website. 

We are changing this process, and will now provide a list of all Pearson approved centres and the licence-linked courses they are approved to offer to the SIA on a monthly basis. The list will be auto-generated and will include all centres approved by Pearson to offer one or more licence-linked Security qualifications. If you wish to be removed from this list, so that your details do NOT appear on the SIA website, you must let your LSV know during your annual LSV review. Please complete this form to confirm that you do not want your centre details to appear on the SIA website. 

First Aid Training for Door Supervisors and Security Officers: online only delivery is NOT acceptable 

A reminder that learners taking their Door Supervisor or Security Officer training, either for the first time, or for their Top Up qualification, must hold a current and valid First Aid or Emergency First Aid certificate. 

Blended learning is permitted for the delivery of the first aid qualifications. However, first aid training that is delivered solely online is NOT acceptable. 

Please see below confirming what is acceptable to the SIA regarding the standards for duration for the EFAW certificate, which specifies the number of hours required to be delivered face to face: 

Qualification  1.Minimum Contact Hours  2.Minimum face to face 

3.Learner Ratio  

4. Certification Validity 

5.Annual Refresher 
Emergency First Aid at Work  6   12:1  3 years  Yes
  1. Time set aside for direct classroom teaching and assessing excluding breaks 
  2. Minimum number of hours to be delivered face to face
  3. Maximum number of learners per trainer or learners per assessor at any one time 
  4. Validity period of certificate to be calculated from the date of achievement of final unit 

For more information on the first aid training requirements for Doors Supervisors and Security Officers please see the guidance on the SIA website here: 

Guidance | First aid training requirement for door supervisors and security guards

Security Paper Based Tests: Submitted documents must be complete and legible

Please be aware that we require the requisite forms and answer sheets for BTEC Specialist Paper-based tests to be completed in full so we can process learner results. 

 You must ensure that all fields are completed, that the information is legible, and that any information provided on the BTEC Test Log form matches the information on the answer sheets.   Please ensure learner names are spelt correctly on both the answer sheet and the Test Log.  Please ensure the learner’s date of birth is correct.

Please find the most up-to-date BTEC Test Log form here: Secure Tests | Key documents. The form is in Word format, so learner details can be typed in before the form is printed out if you wish. We will also be updating our Answer Sheets soon so that learner details can be typed directly into the Answer Sheet. 

 Please note it is mandatory for these forms to be completed in full and that the information provided should be clear and easy to read.  If information is missing, or it is illegible, there will be a delay in processing results and in some cases we may have to contact you for more information to enable us to process the results.  As per the guidance in the Security Centre Management Handbook, the invigilator is responsible for giving the answer sheets a visual check to ensure they are properly completed prior to the answers leaving the test room.    


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